Vaccine against COVID-19: companies in the United States that “force” to apply it to return to work

Vaccine against COVID-19: companies in the United States that “force” to apply it to return to work

Facebook and Google were the first tech companies to announce the change in their back-to-office policies.


Companies in the United States are beginning to modify their policies in the face of the increase in COVID-19 cases by taking a tougher line to stop the spread of the virus among your employees.

Now companies are demanding their workers get vaccinated against COVID-19 in addition to undergoing periodic examinations to reduce the risk.

The tech giants Facebook and Google were the first companies to issue new policies in the face of the pandemic, while other companies are joining the call.

Facebook, which recently announced that it will pay users $ 1 billion to create content for their social networks, is asking all employees in the United States to get vaccinated before returning to the offices.

Meanwhile, Google employees received an email from Sundar Pinchai, the company’s CEO, on Wednesday announcing that heWorkers must have a complete vaccination scheme since it will be an essential requirement for those employees who will return to the offices during the next few days. Since the start of the pandemic, Google has offered 100,000 scholarships for technology training to improve users’ digital skills.

Netflix will now ask that all people who participate in its productions must be vaccinated against COVID-19. In June, the streaming giant opened a new business model by opening an online store with merchandise from the most popular series.

The luxury department store chain, Saks Fifth Avenue, is requiring proof of vaccination from all its employees.

The Washington Post newspaper, owned by Jeff Bezos who prior to his trip to the edge of space donated $ 200 million to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, announced that current employees and those who are hired should have received a complete scheme against COVID-19 for September 13, the date on which the workers are scheduled to return to the newspaper’s offices.

Lyft, which has resumed carpooling after suspending it for 16 months, will require proof of vaccination from all its employees who work in offices beginning Aug. 2. UBER will require its workers who want to return to the office a test, at the moment they should only wear a mask regardless of the vaccination status.

Twitter, which has taken the move to close its New York and San Francisco offices and pause the reopening of its offices, is requiring its employees to show proof of vaccination. The company announced in May that it will offer a new premium service that will allow you to edit a tweet and browse ad-free for as little as $ 3 a month.

Apple, which closed all its branches at the beginning of the pandemic, has not yet ruled on the requirement on vaccination for its workers, however, the company will require customers and their employees to wear masks in all its stores as of this date. Thursday in the United States.

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