Valedores de la Sierra Marcos Estrada car accident leaves him ill

  • A tragedy seizes the Mexican group Valedores de la Sierra
  • The vocalist of Valedores de la Sierra, Marcos Estrada suffers an accident and is in poor health
  • The images of the spectacular mishap are impressive

At the end of a concert, at dawn this Monday, the Valedores de la Sierra group faced a difficult situation that has its vocalist Marcos Estrada on the verge of death, because an accident left him in a delicate state of health and the images of what happened are shocking.


Various news portals such as ‘Meganoticias’, ‘Debate’ and Mexican media on social networks released the terrible news for fans of Valedores de la Sierra, a band that has been trying to excel in music for several years, however, now they are note for what happened to Marcos Estrada.

Valedores de la Sierra are going through a difficult situation

Marcos Estrada accident

The images of how the car of the Valedores de la Sierra vocalist, Marcos Estrada, began to circulate on Twitter and Facebook and the group also reported what happened to its member through their Facebook account in which they even published photos.

The accident occurred when Marcos Estrada finished a concert with Valedores de la Sierra and upon returning to his home in the city of León, Guanajuato in Mexico, driving his car, he lost control of it and rolled over impressively until leaving the vehicle wrecked.

Marcos Estrada, suffers an accident and now the vocalist of Valedores de la Sierra is in poor health

Terrible vocal accident Valedores de la Sierra

Through the official Facebook page of the band Valedores de la Sierra, the sad accident of Marcos Estrada was confirmed and the following can be read: “Dear followers, we share with you that Marcos Estrada, vocalist of Los Valedores de la Sierra suffered a accident today at dawn on the Morelos Boulevard, in the city of León ”.

“His health is delicate. We will keep you informed ”, is what reads the brief statement from Valedores de la Sierra through its Facebook page where they also attached images of the overturned, wrecked car and Marcos Estrada with a collar and on a bloody stretcher.

What happened with Marcos Estrada’s accident?

Marcos Estrada bloody accident

But what happened when you left your presentation with Valedores de la Sierra? Marcos Estrada got into his car in the middle of the morning and drove around 3 in the morning and 40 minutes down the José María Morelos Boulevard and when he reached the corner of Isaac Newton Street, he lost control of the car.

According to reports from the media and the authorities, everything happened in the neighborhood of Fracciones de Echeveste, when the 37-year-old singer from Valedores de la Sierra collided with a retaining wall and then overturned and destroyed the car with him inside, so who was severely injured.

The images of Marcos Estrada bloody are making the rounds on social networks

Vocalist Valedores de la Sierra accident

Unfortunately for Marcos Estrada, the Valedores de la Sierra vocalist was not alone in the car, as Public Security authorities realized that in addition to the singer there was an 18-year-old who accompanied him and also responded to the name of ‘Marcos ‘, so it is unknown if it is a relative or friend.

So far, Marcos Estrada’s health condition is reported as serious and he is hospitalized receiving assistance, while the group limited itself to communicating that when there was a medical report regarding the Valedores de la Sierra vocalist they would make it known as soon as possible.

Valedores de la Sierra go through a hard time after Marcos Estrada’s accident

Valedores de la Sierra vocalist Marcos Estrada accident

This weekend, before the Valedores de la Sierra vocalist’s accident, Conjunto Río Grande suffered a spectacular mishap in Mexico and the images of how the bus was left are impressive. The group was traveling in its bus on Mexican roads, when it hit a truck, so the front of the vehicle was completely destroyed.

This Saturday, September 11, the band group confirmed that they had suffered a traffic accident, but also indicated that the lives of all the band members were out of danger. Filed Under: Valedores de la Sierra vocalist Marcos Estrada accident.

Rio Grande Complex suffers spectacular accident in Mexico

Rio Grande Complex suffers spectacular accident in Mexico
Photo: Facebook

In view of what happened, Conjunto Río Grande issued an official statement. “The Conjunto Río Grande company hereby informs you about the mishap that has occurred today in the state of San Luis Potosí,” they began by saying.

“Fortunately, all the members as well as part of the staff are doing well, resulting only with blows,” they confirmed in the text published through their official Facebook account. Filed Under: Valedores de la Sierra vocalist Marcos Estrada accident.

Everyone from the Río Grande Complex is safe

Photo: Facebook

After confirming that everyone was fine, they took the opportunity to thank their followers for their love. “We thank you in advance for your expressions of affection and concern for us. A thousand blessings for all ”, closes the statement.

For its part, the entertainment account @ chamonic3 indicated that the bus in which the group was traveling crashed into a truck of those that paint the signaling lines on the tracks. In this way, the occupants ended up full of paint. Filed Under: Valedores de la Sierra vocalist Marcos Estrada accident.

The photos of the accident confirm it

Rio Grande Complex suffers spectacular accident in Mexico
Photo: Facebook

In a second publication, Conjunto Río Grande shared a series of photographs that confirm Chamonic’s version. The first thing you can see is the front of the bus completely destroyed.

However, what is even more striking is how the wrecked vehicle and its passengers are painted yellow and white, the two colors with which road signs are usually painted. Filed Under: Valedores de la Sierra vocalist Marcos Estrada accident.

“Thank God it did not happen to adults”

Rio Grande Complex suffers spectacular accident in Mexico
Photo: Facebook

In a short video, recorded from the scene of the accident, one of the members confirms that they are all alive. “It was an outreach, we reached workers here on the highway, but more than anything to clarify that in the networks it was commented that some of us had already lost our lives and thank God it did not happen to adults, we are fine,” he said. .

“Some blows we gave ourselves, the fright… The one who was hit a little bit more was Abelito, the ambulance took him away. He broke, his right arm was fractured and a blow to his head, but nothing more serious than that ”, he confirmed. Filed Under: Valedores de la Sierra vocalist Marcos Estrada accident.

Followers send blessings

Photo: Facebook

As soon as the news was released, the followers of the group sent them blessings and thanked them that it was nothing more than a scare. “Blessings, Great Friends, Cheer up, We are with you !!!!!”

“A big hug for everyone and that the Rio Grande Ensemble continues to play”, “Thank God that they are well and everything remains in the scare spirit and that the river continues to sound”, “May God always bless you and hope you are well, Courage “,” God Take Care of You And Good That Everything Is Coming And That Avelino Soon Comes Up From His Hand “, they commented. SEE FULL VIDEO HERE.

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