Valentin Elizalde’s brother, singer Joel Elizalde, escapes unharmed from a road accident on the Mazatlán-Villa Unión highway

Joel Elizalde emerges unscathed from a vehicular mishap on the Mazatlán bypass, shares details on Instagram, reassuring fans of his safety.

Popular singer Joel Elizalde, brother to the late Valentín Elizalde, experienced a harrowing accident on September 1st. The incident occurred at the 253rd kilometer of the Mazatlán bypass.

Reports suggest that the vehicular accident took place amidst a heavy downpour at the intersection of the Mazatlán-Villa Unión highway. A gray truck in which Elizalde was traveling overturned and came to rest against the flow of traffic, sustaining damage primarily to its front. Notably, the vehicle was declared a total loss following the mishap.

Immediate Aftermath

Despite the severity of the accident, all passengers emerged without a scratch. The news initially spread via Elizalde’s own Instagram account, where he addressed concerns about his health and reassured his anxious followers.

Elizalde shared, “I’ve received many messages and calls asking if we were the ones in the accident if we were inside the vehicle. But thank God, it wasn’t severe, and all of us inside the car were perfectly fine. Thank you for the messages. God is great.” He paired this message with a video showing the extent of the damage to the truck.

In a subsequent Instagram story, he further confirmed the well-being of all involved: “We are unharmed, without a scratch. May God bless you.”

Awaiting Full Account

While the singer has yet to provide a detailed account of the accident, he has made it clear that the vehicle was completely destroyed. However, everyone inside the truck remained safe.

Following the accident, paramedics attended to Joel Elizalde and the other passengers, confirming that no injuries were sustained. The National Highway Guard was informed and took note of the incident.