Valentin Elizalde’s daughters sent her birthday greetings “to heaven”

Elizalde was born on February 1, 1979 (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

This February 1st, Valentin Elizalde would have been 43 years old, the singer known and remembered as The golden rooster passed away on saturday November 25, 2006 after his truck was riddled with bullets while returning from a palenque.

On his birthday, two of his daughters remembered him with deep affection and they sent him hugs “to heaven”. On one side, Valeria Elizalde He published a tender photograph of his childhood where he posed next to his Christmas tree in the company of his father.

In said Instagram story he wrote “Happy birthday to heaven, my most beautiful angel”. A similar message was placed by Valentina Elizalde on this same social network, the Mexican regional singer placed the following phrase as a caption “Happy Birthday #43 to heaven to the man of my life I miss you more than ever.

Daughters of Valentin Elizalde - Birthday Valentin Elizalde - Death of Valentin Elizalde
Valeria Elizalde uploaded this story to her Instagram account (Photo: Instagram/@valeelizaldee)

Valentina also posted a photo from the time she was a child, in the image she is seen dressed as the princess Snow White While The golden rooster posed next to him at what appears to be a children’s party.

For its part, Gabriela Elizalde He’s been posting some prosperity and religious images on Instagram to welcome the month of February, though he didn’t actually make a direct mention of his father on his birthday.

This is not the first time Valeria remembers her father with love, Well, in October 2021 he published a TikTok to magnify Valentín Elizalde in his most tender facet: that of being a father. In the images shared by the influencer, The golden rooster he is shown to be very close to his daughter, who was then a child.

Daughters of Valentin Elizalde - Birthday Valentin Elizalde - Death of Valentin Elizalde
With this image, Valentina remembered her father (Photo: Instagram/@valentina__elizalde)

In a first scene, he is only embraced with Valeria Elizalde, but in the following images, the followers of this family were able to see a fragment of a video where Valentín Elizalde sings to his daughters on a truck ride. To accompany the visual material, Valeria Elizalde opted for a song by her father, which could not have been more suitable to create a feeling of nostalgia.

“That star is eternal and there it will always remain”, is heard in the voice of Valentín Elizalde. “The fauna may end, the rest may dry up, but it will always be there.”

The song taken by the daughter of The golden rooster it was Vazu (a star). In this composition, Elizalde was inspired by the love that her little daughter awakened in her. In addition, in said publication, the daughter of the singer of songs like I love you like this wrote: “Always in my heart”.

Valentin Elizalde and Tano Elizalde
Valentín and Tano Elizalde (Photos: Cuartoscuro)

The violent and sudden death of the Golden Rooster

The day of the attack aboard the black Suburban van There were four people in addition to Valentín Elizalde: Mario Mendoza Grajeda, representative of the singer; Fausto “Tano” Elizalde, his cousin and Reynaldo Ballesteros, the driver; of which only Tano survived. According to the versions that have circulated as well as his own statements, Valentín’s cousin got out of the truck and fled in a taxi that was passing by.

The singer’s vehicle was intercepted when it passed near the palenque de Reynosa in Tamaulipas. After about 60 shots, Valentin Elizalde, Mario Mendoza and the driver, Reynaldo Ballesteros they saw their last night in the early hours of November 25.

There are several versions where it is ensured that the cousin of the “Golden Rooster” would have betrayed him: “Well, that day Tano was very nervous, extremely nervous,” declared Marisol in the interview for windowing in May 2020, “He didn’t want to go, many times he told me he didn’t want to go.”


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