Valentina, daughter of Cecilia Galliano, surpassed her in beauty with this glamorous photo

Cecilia Galliano 40 years old, she is proud of the beauty of her daughter Valentina, who apparently has already surpassed her, as the young woman shared a photo next to her where she can be seen in a beige dress, in addition to a small cape which gave an elegant touch to her outfit.

But that’s not all, the way she poses Valentine for the photo just like Cecilia Galliano fascinated her fans who stressed that the young woman has already surpassed the beauty of the Argentine actress, who did not hold back and told her that she is a beauty of a woman, because flattery never fails her with the girl .

“Without a doubt you are the most spectacular and wonderful girl, but every day he was more convinced that you are the most precious”, “You do not know how much I admire you, you are an example for me”, “When the mother is beautiful, the babies are handsome, greetings, have a nice day” , “You are the most beautifully beautiful girl in the world”, “Each day of this quarantine has made you better! I think we are no longer going to accept you back in the USA”, write the networks.

For those who do not know, the 19-year-old girl is also venturing into the world of fashion as her famous mother began, that is, she is taking many photos where you can see the professionalism that is loaded, her way of putting on makeup has also been to the liking of the public who has fallen in love with his divine face.

Now what many expect is to see her on the small screen, whether in a melodrama or a Netflix series that is very fashionable, the young woman has everything to stand out, but so far she is very focused on the photos she has taken where the clothes and her well-worked body have given her a special touch.

As if that were not enough, her mother fully supports her in everything she does, they also have a wonderful relationship which is praised by her followers, starting with how protective Sebastián Rulli’s ex is.

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