Valentine’s: Long Beach Chapel offered $14 weddings on Valentine’s Day

Cute Little Wedding Chapel has been offering weddings for $14 on Valentine’s Day for 4 years.

Photo: JONATHAN BRADY/AFP/Getty Images

During Valentine’s Daya chapel in the city of Long Beach offered weddings for $14.

The Cute LittleWedding Chapel was the best choice for the couples could unite their lives on Valentine’s Day and at a fairly affordable price.

“Today we are busy almost all day. Today, almost every half hour, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.,” officiant Ala Katz told ABC7.

It was the fourth year that Cute Little Wedding Chapel offered the celebration of marriage bonds for $14 dollars.

For 20 years, Katz has been concerned with helping loving couples get marriedand for the occasion he wore a bag with hearts and a band with the word “Cupid”.

“Some couples come with their marriage license. Other couples come into our office and we are licensed Los Angeles County agents and we license them,” Katz said.

An additional surprise awaited two of the couples who decided to unite their lives in this Long Beach chapel because received as a gift from Honda coupons to be able to make their honeymoon tripl.

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