Valeria Piazza breaks her silence and reveals why Jazmín Pinedo replaced her: “I was very worried”

Through your Instagram account, Valeria Piazza revealed why he was absent from the leadership of the block of Spectacles of America Noticias. The driver and model revealed the real reasons why Jasmine Pinedo it replaced it in the last edition of the newscast.

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Jazmín Pinedo surprised this Monday morning by appearing as the host of “América Espectáculos”. The model was introduced by Federico Salazar and, later, indicated why the former Miss Peru was off the screens.


Valeria Piazza, in a brief statement, said that a close relative tested positive for coronavirus, so it had to undergo many discard tests.

After some negative results, the model underwent one more molecular test to be able to return to her work at América TV. Finally, he thanked for the support he has received in his absence on the screens.

“I wanted to thank you for all the messages and expressions of affection that came to me today. As you know, I was very excited to start + Shows but things don’t always go as planned. Someone very close to me tested positive for Covid-19, I was very worried these last days, I did not expect it but happily we are all fine now and that is the most important thing. It is a reminder to continue taking care of ourselves even if we are vaccinated 🙏🏻 Following the protocols, I have taken several tests and they have come out negative, but I still need one more molecular test. Our health always comes first, don’t forget it. I hope to see you soon and have a great time together ☺️✨ I love you very much! “wrote the model.

Valeria Piazza breaks her silence and reveals why Jasmine Pinedo replaced her