Valeria Piazza reappeared in the conduction of América Espectáculos: “My boyfriend is still with COVID-19”

The TV host, Valeria piazza, reappeared in “América Espectáculos” after being absent for a few days due to the contagion of her boyfriend, Pierre Cateriano, of COVID-19. According to the also model, three antigenic and one molecular tests were carried out, all of them were negative for coronavirus.

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I am super happy to finally return. Here we have to follow a series of protocols, we make the epidemiological fence so as not to spread this virus that drives us all crazy ”, Valeria Piazza counted.

“Yesterday I had my last molecular test and it came back negative, thank goodness. I was quite scared, my boyfriend is still with COVID-19, he is in quarantine, I was somewhere else, spending New Years in isolation. I couldn’t see anyone, not even my family. Finally things turned out well ”, added the presenter.

During her absence, Jazmín Pinedo was in charge of taking Valeria Piazza’s place in the conduction of América Espectáculos, so ‘Vale’ decided to thank ‘Chinita’, who was aware of her health all the time.

“Thank you all for your messages and Jasmine (Pinedo) for coming these two days. The most. In addition, she was writing to me, she was super worried, so I sent a huge kiss to the ‘Chinita’ “, said the presenter.

As is known, the former Miss Peru used her Instagram account to announce that she would be away from TV for a while because her boyfriend was infected with COVID-19. “I was very worried about him these last days, I did not expect it but happily we are all fine now”he said on his social networks.


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