Valeria Piazza reveals about ‘This is war’: “It will be a totally different format” | VIDEO

The host of ‘América Espectáculos’, Valeria piazza He surprised the public and the hosts of ‘More shows’ by revealing that the format of the competition reality show ‘This is war’ will change completely and that probably many warriors will not return.

It all happened when he presented a note from Hugo García, who practically said goodbye to the reality show hosted by Johanna San Miguel. After seeing the note Valeria commented:

I do not know if I can tell, but I have learned that ‘This is war’ will change completely, It seems that it will be a whole new format … it will be very different from the ones we are used to seeing in ‘This is war’. For this new format Hugo García says goodbye to reality … Furthermore, we do not know if there will be so much competition. It will be a totally different format“, Said the former Miss Peru to the surprise of her driving companions.

According to his statements, it would be almost confirmed that Hugo García will not return to reality, but he did not rule out that in the future the format that fans are used to and also Hugo García will return.

It will be a total change, beloved characters from television will return… you’ll be surprised, the first day ‘This is war’ comes out, you have to be stuck there. I do not lie or sell smoke, they will be surprised with this new format. Many will not be there and I think it will be a resounding success“Added the TV host.

But that is not all. Last Thursday, Brunella Horna said that the actor Erick Elera would be the new leader of the competition reality show, who would lead the new format together with Johanna San Miguel.

There they told me, I’ve been finding out. I gossip as always, I don’t know if it will be true, but they comment out there, they rumor that it could be Erick Elera”Said the young businesswoman.


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