Valeria Sandoval is the one who replaces Elyfer Torres in ‘Así Se Baila’

Polo Monárrez presents Valeria Sandoval, his new partner. – Photo: Telemundo / Alex Tamargo / Telemundo

Valeria Sandoval is the one who replaces Elyfer Torres in ‘Así Se Baila’… This Sunday the mystery is over and Polo Monárrez already has a new partner for Telemund’s dance reality show.

Remember that last Sunday Elyfer Torres surprised everyone by abandoning ‘Así Se Baila’ through a video where he explained that he had anxiety problems. Then we have found out that he should also go to film the second season of ‘Guerra de Vecinos’ on Netflix. But his partner’s future had been put on hold.

Valeria Sandoval is a Colombian influencer and dancer that, although for her fans on social networks is very well known, everybody else get to know her through the reality show. Here, she managed to shock the judges even from the first gala with her two dancing acts.

At the end of the reality show Polo and Valeria stated how they felt together and especially whether or not she misses Elyfer.

I felt very protected, very cared for by Vale, because she came to a place that was structured, like a new girl from the classroom … At no time did I feel nervous, because I knew what I was capable of on stage, and I am very grateful to Vale, and we ask them to support us, “Polo began by telling us, although he still looks a bit unsettled by what has happened to him in the competition.

For Valeria, to whom dancing is something very familiar and feels extremely safe, precisely because she is famous for her dancing Tiktok, entering ‘Así Se Baila’ implies other types of challenges.

I came in strong today, so at the next gala I have to show more, and so on as far as it will take. It is also not a process from scratch where they can tell me many things and I grow, they already saw that the judges were strong ”, explained the influencer.

Polo Monárrez and Valeria Sandoval
Polo Monárrez and Valeria Sandoval. Photo: Telemundo / Alex Tamargo

For the jury made up of Adamari López, Mariana Seoane and Cristián de la Fuente, this is also a new situation, because in this case only one of the two of the couple resigned.

“I always listen to the comments and keep them in the bowl of the vest to put them into practice, I have a very strong phrase that says: ‘don’t let success reach your head, or let failure touch your heart’… This goes for everything and everyone, I like the comment of the judges for when you do something not so correct it helps you… I am blessed and grateful, I am in the place where I wanted to be for a long time, and with whom I have wanted to be for a long timePolo told us.

Valeria enters the competition with 10 weeks already, where the rest of the celebrities danced, they knew the format, but they also rehearsed too much and, perhaps, they are much more tired of Sandoval. Is incorporation easier or more difficult for you?

“The most difficult thing is that it came from working very hard on other things, and arriving like that, without resting, maintain a level that Polo already has in the competition, that all participants have, and the pressure is felt in the environment, dense, but I have also protected myself with what to dance“, Clarified Valeria.

For Polo, Elyfer’s departure moved the world, after 7 galas together, and 10 weeks in the competition, he has to adapt to a new partner, whom, until last week, he did not even know in person.

Of all the finery that I danced with Elyfer they were wonderful, we were connecting from the one until we arrived, his job was to contribute both. When Val arrives, not because I’m an excellent dancer, but I know how to fit, and I know how excellent she is at dancing, I think I have the facility to fit in well, not taking so long from one process to another. It’s very good because Valeria didn’t say a peep… There is a pretty strong connection, and even if she’s sick or tired, she goes up there when she dances. Very blessed and I thank life and the universe for giving me that ability, “he confessed.

Let’s remember that last week, on the Halloween special, the public was met with the news that Elyfer was gone, nor would he be anymore. Through a video explained that he suffered from anxiety, and that he preferred to prioritize his health. Then we learned, that regardless of that, Torres had a commitment with Netflix to begin filming the second season of ‘Guerra de Vecinos’.

Polo, he danced alone, until this week he introduced us to his partner whom he is also meeting with the public.