Valuable British Aerospace private plane vanishes from high security Benito Juarez airport

According to the first versions, a British Aerospace BAe series 800A aircraft, registration number N591CF, disappeared from the place where it was located.

In an audacious theft, a private plane has mysteriously disappeared recently from the Benito Juarez Mexico City International Airport (AICM), despite the supposed “strengthening” of security in its facilities. The plane in question is a British Aerospace aircraft, model Bae, Series 800th, which has been guarded in the AICM facilities since 2022.

This was reported by crime journalist Carlos Jiménez, who revealed surprising details about the incident at one of Mexico’s major airport ports through his social media networks. Similarly, he added that the aircraft arrived from Chiapas at the capital’s airport last year so that it could be kept in the hangar area.

The plot thickened when the owner of the aircraft reportedly went to the airport with the intention of using his plane. To his astonishment, the plane was no longer in the area where he had left it, immediately triggering him to report the situation to the authorities.

This event, which became known on the morning of Monday, July 24, has caused a stir among authorities and the aeronautical community as efforts are undertaken to unravel this peculiar enigma. As a result, the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City opened an investigation to clarify the whereabouts of the aircraft, marking the beginning of a deeply thorough inquiry.

The aircraft’s disappearance has raised questions about how the theft of an aircraft was possible in a facility with supposedly reinforced security measures. The stolen aircraft, a British Aerospace Series 800th, represents a valuable asset in the aviation industry, and its disappearance has caused concern across the country.

Authorities, baffled by the event, are conducting exhaustive investigations to uncover how this unprecedented incident occurred and to find the plane. The Ministry of the Navy has assumed full responsibility for the surveillance of AICM in an attempt to strengthen security in the airport complex.

The alleged theft of the private ship was learned after the Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications, and Transport officially handed over control of security tasks, as announced in a draft published in the Official Gazette of the Federation. Yet, Infobae Mexico consulted the veracity of this information, and so far, the institution has not issued any position.

This unusual event has attracted national and international attention, as authorities are expected to provide clarity on what happened and take action to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. The story continues to unfold, and eyes are on the authorities to find answers and return the valuable aircraft to its owner.

(Photo: Screenshot/Twitter/Airplane AICM)
(Photo: Screenshot/Twitter/Airplane AICM)