Vanessa Bauche celebrates that her sexual aggressor has been linked to the process

It was recently announced that the actor Pascacio López was linked to a trial in the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office, accused by Vanessa Bauche of having committed crimes of sexual abuse and against dignity.

Although the 52-year-old man from Chiapas had been detained since March 16 in Mexico City, his legal situation had not been determined. However, the arguments reported against him now place him in a more delicate situation.

In December 2020, Bauche filed a criminal complaint against the person with whom she worked on the series War of Neighbors, as she said she felt attacked at her workplace and this later caused her mental and physical sequelae to the degree that she was diagnosed as prediabetic after losing 16 kilos of weight.

The little that is known is that the aggressor took the actress by force to plant a kiss on her. However, Vanessa’s case is not the only one, since Previously, the actress and model originally from Amsterdam, Sarah Nichols, also denounced Pascacio López before the cameras of the Ventaneando program for having sexually assaulted her after attending a meeting on a terrace.

It draws attention that Vanessa Bauche pointed out the director Fernando Sariñana for covering up her attacker and also for making a black campaign to discredit her.

However, upon learning that López had been linked to the process, he celebrated the fact that the authorities had taken his complaint into account.

Victory. She has done justice after more than a year of waiting. They have linked my aggressor to the process for my criminal complaint filed since December 2020 in the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office.

Total thanks for opening the legal path and acting with a gender perspective. It goes for me and for all, ”the actress wrote on her social networks.

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