Vanessa Claudio goes out on the balcony and shows off her rear in a black lace bodysuit

Apart from her facet as a driver, vanessa claudio She is a model, and now she posed very sexy in her own apartment, going out on the balcony and showing off her figure by wearing a black lace bodysuit. The message that she wrote next to the images was: “There are days when you have to drop everything and go to the basics… comfortable in my own skin… every day looking for more stability of body, soul and heart! One day at a time !”

The beautiful Puerto Rican does not stop showing off her pet Luka, but she always finds a place -like the kitchen- to pose very sensually, explaining that she enjoys being there every day: “There are people who say that I have the life of a princess! Well, the life of a princess that I have consists of getting up at 6am and working until I achieve what I want! It has been leaving my country, receiving no for an answer but continuing to work for a yes!”

After her return to Mexico, Vanessa began hosting the television program “To the extreme”, where he presents shocking videos. But now it also appears in the reality show musical “The academy”which gives her the opportunity to show off her statuesque figure in sexy and elegant outfits.

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