Vanessa Claudio raised the temperature when she appeared from the bed in a tiny string thong

Vanessa claudio He has left his loyal fans sighing because in a recent photograph he has shared on his social networks, he is shown in hot clothing that leaves very little to the imagination.

The intention of the Puerto Rican has been to promote self-love among her fans, as it is a very important issue for her that reaches her heart, so she has not hesitated to expose her curvy figure to the delight of her followers.

It has been on Instagram where the photo with which he managed to raise the temperature of thousands has been published, since he can be seen lying on the bed with a light sheet covering his charms, but he reveals his back where it is appreciated that he is not wearing a bra, just a tiny string thong that covers her rear.

Self-love isn’t just healthy, it’s sexy!”Is the phrase that the presenter has written under the post.

The publication has resonated with his fans who have given him more than 112 thousand likes, and have left hundreds of reactions within the comment box.

Unreal“,”But friend“,”Beautifull“,”Goddess“,”You are just perfect“,”I hadn’t seen it from that point. But yes because it empowers you, and that’s sexy”, Some users of the social network have expressed to him.

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