Vanessa Claudio raises the temperature, posing only with a sheet

vanessa claudio She has established herself as one of the most beloved hosts in the ranks of Tv Azteca, thanks to her charismatic personality and spectacular beauty, which she once again boasted on her social networks. posing from her bed.

In American Post News We have let you know that Vanessa Claudio constantly pampers her followers with daring photographs, where she shows off her sensuality.

On this occasion it was no exception, however, unlike what is usual, the driver posed from her bed, only with her sheets, covering her silhouette.

Vanessa Claudio paralyzes the networks

Vanessa Claudio paralyzes social networks. Vanessa Claudio on Instagram. How old is Vanessa Claudio?

Through her Instagram account, the former host of La Academia, Vanessa Claudio posed with her pet Luka, from bed and in underwear, covering her curves only with a sheet.

In the photographs you can even see her back completely naked, showing that she has an enviable figure.

Vanessa Claudio on Instagram. How old is Vanessa Claudio?

Let us remember that Vanessa, in addition to her facet as a host, has participated in various beauty pageants, where she managed to stand out and launch herself to fame.

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How old is Vanessa Claudio?

How old is Vanessa Claudio?

The current host of “Al Extremo”, Vanessa Claudio, is currently 39 years old, was born on September 2, 1983 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Let’s remember that the driver Vanessa Claudio, after her return to Mexico, has faced a lot of criticism, since many assure that she has abused aesthetic touch-ups.

Nevertheless, vanessa claudio He has ignored the accusations and presumes that he is in a great professional and personal moment.

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