Vanessa Guillén was hammered to death by another soldier at Fort Hood after seeing a cell phone image of the murderer of her adulterous girlfriend

Guillén’s mortal remains appeared on June 30.

Photo: Sergio Flores/Getty Images

Aaron Robinson hammered soldier Vanessa Guillén to death at the Fort Hood military base in Texas, after she discovered a photo of Cecily Aguilar on the military’s cell phone.

Aguilar, the only accused in the case for the murder of Guillénhad an out-of-wedlock relationship with Robinson.

The new information is contained in a report from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), submitted on May 19. The document cites an interview with Aguilar.

The authorities asked the woman why 20-year-old Robinson would want to kill Guillenthe same age.

The defendant told the authorities that her boyfriend committed the crime. because Guillén saw a picture of her on Robinson’s phone.

“Guillen saw Robinson’s cell phone locked screen, which contained an image of Aguilar.

He told her he was worried about getting in trouble for violating the Army’s fraternization rules, since Aguilar was still married to another soldier and hit Guillén on the head with a hammer,” reads the document quoted by Univision.

Robinson was dating Aguilar even though she was married to Keon Aguilar, another US Army soldier.

The soldier was the last person to see Guillen, as they were both working in the gun room at Fort Hood the day the girl went missing on April 22, according to the DPS document.

Until July 9, 2020, just over two months after the disappearance of the soldier, the authorities inspected the weapons room.

Investigators found blood in the room where Robinson worked, as well as a toolkit with a missing hammer.

Aguilar, accused of helping Robinson dispose of Guillen’s body, spoke with an inmate at the Bell County Jail about Guillen’s murder. “He saw himself (kill Guillén) and wanted to do it,” Aguilar allegedly confessed.

In July of last year, a grand jury in Texas returned 11 criminal charges against the woman.

The charges against Aguilar, 23, include conspiracy to tamper with documents, aiding and abetting a crime, and destruction or falsification of records in a federal investigation.

Aguilar would have helped Robinson, who shot himself on June 30 when investigating agents accosted him near the base, dismember the victim’s body, attempt to burn it and throw the remains in pits by the León River.

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