Vanessa Guzmán answered those who have called her a conflictive actress

Vanessa Guzmán has been criticized (Photo: [email protected])

Vanessa Guzman She has been involved in controversy and negative comments for some time, most of them due to her drastic physical change and her participation in bodybuilding contests.

However, other opinions surrounding the actress revolve around How is your attitude in labor matters? and various artists from the medium such as René Strickler and Cynthia Klitbo have pointed out that it is controversial.

Thus, in an interview with windowingVanessa responded to all those who have attacked her over time and mentioned that, despite everything, she would not speak ill of them.

“We all have a right foot, a left foot, a good side, a bad side, a good day, a bad day; So, why judge that way when it happens to all of us, ”he began to say.

Likewise, she deepened that she is a person who prefers to remain silent, not because she does not have to say, but because of the example she wants to give her children.

Vanessa Guzman
The actress defended herself from negative comments (Photo: Instagram/@vanessaguzmann)

If I opened my mouth, I would have many things to say, but I prefer not to do it out of politeness, because I am a lady and because, as I have always said, I will never do something that my children can feel ashamed of,” she explained.

The actress said that at the moment she is very focused on exercising and on her little granddaughter.

“She is a baby, my precious baby, she is divine, I miss her; I regret not having her close to her, another facet in my life, one more reason to continue living. They asked me a while ago, how do you see yourself in 20 years? Well, imagine… with a 20-year-old granddaughter, that’s how I see myselfliterally with a 20-year-old granddaughter”He said.

In this sense, he said that Christmas was the last time he saw the little girl and, within his close plans, he is making a trip with the baby before they start their bodybuilding competitions.

Guzmán added that he does not want to walk away from his television career, so he finds himself organizing everything to continue doing what he loves.

“In factthere are castings to be done that I have out there, a few to do; So, we continue working on that and well, rather, it will be to combine a project with the competitions at some point, ”he added.

vanessa guzman
The actress was criticized for her physique (Photo: IG @vanessaguzmann)

The Mexican actress began her modeling career in 1995, when she competed for the title of Nuestra Belleza Chihuahua (Miss Chihuahua), a title she ended up winning. After winning that title, she competed in Mexico‘s national beauty pageant Nuestra Belleza México; she was crowned Miss Mexico and went on to represent her country at Miss Universe 1996.

On that occasion he was in fifth place overall. After her great participation, she received several offers to star in several television programs on Televisa and joined the production To the Rhythm of the Night (1991-1994), along with Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo.

It was 6 years later that in 1999 she received her first leading role as an actress in a soap opera Three women (1999), among others. Subsequently, Vanessa Guzmán participated as Anna Castro in the Televisa youth telenovela, Dare to dream starring Danna Paola.

In 2012 one of his most memorable and emblematic roles would come, to play Ana Legina in the acclaimed novel infamous, being the protagonist of said melodrama that had a great impact on Mexican television. However, despite the success, that same year the actress chose to move away from the media spotlight.


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