Vanessa Guzmán bodybuilding contest: Win contest

  • Vanessa Guzmán wins bodybuilding contest
  • Won first place in two branches
  • Followers congratulate her and are shocked by her change

Like a true champion: After confessing that she would dedicate herself to bodybuilding, the Mexican actress, Vanessa Guzmán appeared on social networks when she won first place in a contest of this branch, surprising her thousands of followers with her beauty and her spectacular body.

It was at the beginning of July when the new and stunning body of the Mexican actress, Vanessa Guzmán became the topic of what to talk about on social networks, and it is that for better or for worse, many Internet users were shocked with the tremendous muscles of the also former beauty queen had, causing endless comments about it.

Vanessa Guzmán wins bodybuilding contest

Vanessa Guzmán wins bodybuilding contest and surprises everyone with her change
VIDEO: Instagram

After this, the 45-year-old actress, who participated in various productions such as My Love, Dare to Dream, Infamous, Single with daughters, Among other programs, he revealed through social networks one of the main achievements he had to make, which was to be victorious in one of his first competitions as a bodybuilder, which of course he won.

According to the Mexican portal The universal, the actress participated in the event called VallartaBodiFit, a contest where the former miss universe got three medals; the first place in the Open Class C, the First prize in Masters and the third place in the female category of rookies.

For several years he was beginning to train; Vanessa Guzmán wins bodybuilding contest

Vanessa Guzmán wins bodybuilding contest and surprises everyone with her change
VIDEO: Instagram

The newspaper also reports that for several years Vanessa Guzmán was preparing for these competitions, however, her multiple television jobs, in addition to having become ill with COVID-19, caused the Mexican actress to put this dream aside for a moment .

However, this year he seemed to resume it, and thanks to his Instagram account, we have seen the spectacular change of the beautiful Mexican, where her body has been much more toned, not to mention the muscles that began to develop and which Vanessa is more than proud to show off, causing her to even win her first bodybuilding contest.

Vanessa Guzmán proudly shows her new figure after her bodybuilding contest

Vanessa Guzmán wins bodybuilding contest and surprises everyone with her change
PHOTO: Instagram

As mentioned at the beginning, Vanessa Guzmán has surprised her more than 600 thousand followers by showing off the incredible muscles she possesses, where she also shows part of her exercise processes, where we can see how difficult she can do and of the hard work that this requires.

In her publications, it is possible to observe the model, showing off her toned body, in addition to the preparation she had to win her bodybuilding contest: “Very soon. The goal is approaching, and if it is not met, it will continue to work with the same tenacity. Thanks to all who give me their good vibes and UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORT! ” you could read at the bottom of his videos.

Vanessa Guzmán is proud after her bodybuilding contest: Users do not take the ‘new body’ of Vanessa Guzmán well

Vanessa Guzmán wins bodybuilding contest and surprises everyone with her change
PHOTO: Instagram

And it should be noted that these types of branches, such as bodybuilding, are usually complicated, and require extensive dedication and mental and physical strength to achieve that dream body that Vanessa Guzmán has been boasting for several years. However, that has not stopped the actress from becoming the center of countless fan criticisms.

Comments such as: “As beautiful as you were before this transformation, it is good to exercise and be marked, toned, but that way you already lost the feminine”, caused the actress to respond with the following: “CARE, the feminine is also worn in “The mouth”, and although the monkey dresses in silk, MONA STAYS !! … and if something gets lost … it doesn’t matter, it finds me without looking for it “.

Fans congratulate Vanessa Guzmán for winning her bodybuilding contest

Vanessa Guzmán wins bodybuilding contest and surprises everyone with her change
PHOTO: Instagram

It should be noted that not all are bad comments for Vanessa Guzmán, since after winning her bodybuilding contest, some other followers applauded her commitment and dedication, arguing that not everyone could have that strength that the Mexican possesses: ” My respects, she is also happy and that is more than enough, bravo for her ”.

“Wow, she looks spectacular and beautiful, congratulations Vanessa”, “And of course she won, bravo, what a discipline, she’s divine”, “Wow, my respects, because even lifting a weight makes me lazy haha, very good job Vanessa ”,“ OMG, my respects, and those who criticize not everyone achieves what she does ”,“ She looks beautiful, to reach that level requires a lot of discipline ”. YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO HERE

From protagonist of novels to bodybuilder? Vanessa Guzmán hits with an unexpected muscular body

PHOTO: Mezcalent

There have been different occasions where social networks show that they are the strongest enemy for public figures, since it is the most common area where they receive criticism and malicious comments, so on different occasions they have come out to respond and it ends up becoming a constant problematic. Filed Under: Vanessa Guzmán Wins Bodybuilding Contest

This time she had to deal with a situation similar to Vanessa Guzmán, who had not been involved in controversy in a while, but everything came to an end when fans began to lash out at her physical change and criticizing her for the new image she has left. see on social networks, for this reason is that Guzmán decided to end and respond forcefully.

Criticism for its appearance

PHOTO: Instagram

Vanessa Guzmán remains active in social networks showing the news that arise in her day to day, after she decided to leave the soap operas behind and dedicate herself to a new lifestyle, with which she has felt calmer and more cheerful, because She started a new exercise routine to improve her physical appearance.

In different videos and images she has shared the changes she has obtained in terms of her image, the routines she performs and how she has felt about this new change, therefore, her followers decided to express their concerns and even criticism when seeing her so changed Therefore, the actress expressed herself with a serious message. FILED AS: Vanessa Guzmán wins bodybuilding contest

“No to abuse of opinion”

PHOTO: Instagram

And it is that after a series of negative comments towards her person and responding to the criticism that her physical appearance generated, the Mexican did not hesitate to launch a forceful message, pointing out that she was “not a saint of devotion” from others how to please others. anyone who entered his profile but that respect must exist.

These negative comments were presented through her secondary account “@bffvanessaguzman”, where Vanessa Guzmán uploads the exercise routines that she implements every day and that have led her to obtain the figure that today looks very proud and above all happy to be able to teach with his community of followers. FILED AS: Vanessa Guzmán wins bodybuilding contest

They worry about their weight

PHOTO: Twitter

It was through Twitter that a user told Vanessa Guzmán how worried she was for her, because she noticed her lower weight and that she hoped she would not be offended by her comment, since it was not with an intention to hurt I just had the doubt that he looked so different from years past. FILED AS: Vanessa Guzmán wins bodybuilding contest

The actress, who keeps an eye on what is happening on her social networks, had been sharing the opinions of some fans who defended her against the attacks of some “haters” and of course, the doubts that some wanted to express through this half; That is why he made the decision to answer this follower, assuring her that everything was fine.

“I’ve been skinnier”

PHOTO: Twitter

In the young woman’s tweet the following is read: “Hello my beautiful Vane, above all I do not hate. I just want to know why are you so skinny? I have followed you for a long time and I have noticed too much change in your current weight and you really look like someone else and I don’t like it ”, attaching an image, although she was not expected to answer. FILED AS: Vanessa Guzmán wins bodybuilding contest

“I am in the process for a goal… I have been thinner in INFAMES, I weighed 54 kg 1.76 in height, today I weigh 62 kg with no muscle, a very low percentage of fat for that goal. After all, everything was normal ”, was what Guzmán replied, assuring that everything was great with her and that there was no problem with the routine that she carries out. Some images of this note come from the following video

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