Vanessa Guzmán recounted the difficult process she went through after the recordings of “Single with daughters”

Photo: Instagram/@vanessaguzmann

The actress will return to an international production at the hands of the Mexican producer, Juan Osorio and will be released on Monday, January 24 by Univision. The 45-year-old performer returns to international television with a comedic telenovela and will share credits with Gabriel Soto.

It was on Wednesday, January 19, that the Mexican actress gave an interview for the magazine People in spanish and explained that his return is a new great adventure after being 10 years out of some international production related to Televisa.

“You don’t always have the blessing and I do have to recognize it and thank you for giving me the opportunity to return to Televisa after ten years with a leading role, which is not very common,” he said for the entertainment magazine.

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Vanessa Guzmán returns to television Photo: Instagram/@vanessaguzmann

Later, he explained that although it was one of the best jobs he has done, the feeling he has left is somewhat bittersweet, because it was just when he lost his father.

It was at the end of the project, on January 24, just the premiere, it is the second anniversary of my father’s death, the telenovela ends 20 days later […] I think my father did everything possible to wait and put up with me to return, but well, a phone call was enough to be able to talk to him and tell him that everything was fine, “he said for the People in Spanishl.

Finally, she explained that her father passed away during the middle of the recordings, while she could not do anything. The actress explained that it was her decision to continue during the recordings, since she considered that the production should continue and that her father would have wanted it that way.

Vanessa Guzmán (Photo: Instagram@vanessaguzmann)
Vanessa Guzmán (Photo: [email protected])

It was at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 when Vanessa decided to join the project single with daughters to mark his return to Mexican television. In this retransmission that will be broadcast on Univision, the Ciudad Juárez native will share credits with Ana Tena, Azul Guaita, Charlotte Carter, Carlos Mata, René Strickler and Mayrín Villanueva.

within the plot, Vanessa Guzman Interpret the paper of Victoria Robles-Navarro, a psychiatrist focused on children and adolescents, having as her dream is to start a family.

During her break of more than 6 years, the interpreter decided to focus on making a career in bodybuilding. In social networks, he has presumed that during 2021 he received his professional license granted by the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB).

The Mexican actress began her modeling career in 1995, when she competed for the title of Nuestra Belleza Chihuahua (Miss Chihuahua), a title she ended up winning. After winning that title, she competed in Mexico‘s national beauty pageant Nuestra Belleza México; she was crowned Miss Mexico and went on to represent her country at Miss Universe 1996.

Vanessa Guzman and Rene Strickler
(Photo: The Stars)

On that occasion he was in fifth place overall. After his great participation, he received several offers to star in several television programs on Televisa and joined the production To the Rhythm of the Night (1991-1994), along with Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo.

It was 6 years later that in 1999 she received her first leading role as an actress in a soap opera Three women (1999), among others. Subsequently, Vanessa Guzmán participated as Anna Castro in the Televisa youth telenovela, Dare to dream starring Danna Paola.

In 2012 one of his most memorable and emblematic roles would come, to play Ana Legina in the acclaimed novel infamous, being the protagonist of said melodrama that had a great impact on Mexican television. However, despite the success, that same year the actress chose to move away from the media spotlight.


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