Vanessa Guzmán triumphs again in bodybuilding competition: “Within the top 10”

Vanessa Guzman continues to prove that he was not wrong, and that follow the dream of competing at a professional level within the world of bodybuilding It was something that she definitely had to experience, since she was once again placed within the group of the 10 best in her category during the competition in which she participated a few days ago.

On this occasion, the results were shared through her official Instagram account, where the protagonist of the telenovela “Single with daughters” showed off her emotion for having participated in another bodybuilding contest in which she obtained an honorable ninth place.

“This culminates my most recent presentation at the Dallas Pro. I managed to position myself within the top 10, obtaining ninth placethe competition and organization were incredible and all the great participants ”, wrote the famous 46-year-old.

Along with a series of images of her competition, the television star thanked the entire team that supported her during the preparation process: “First of all, @pharlabs_premium for making this trip and show possible, without their support it would not have been possible. I will be eternally grateful to include me in your team“.

He also thanked his supplement store, who provided him with the best products and foods for this stage, in addition to mentioning his coach.

Thanks to my coach for the work of so many months, for learning and we both continue to believe in the process. Let’s go with everything for what’s coming! ”, She added.

Vanessa Guzmán continued to mention in a special way the store that provides her with the bikinis with which she goes on stage to compete, in addition to other products necessary to shine as posers, gowns, and more, to whom she assured that without them, her presentation at the scenario would not have been the same.

On this occasion, he warned that nothing will prevent him from continuing to compete, so we could soon have more news about this dream that he decided to start during the pandemic and that after more than two years of preparation has left him with great rewards.

See you at the next competition, we already have a date and a mission! A special thanks for having the honor of professional athletes looking at my career and sharing their knowledge with me”, he pointed out.

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