Vanessa Lyon assures that they were left “with nothing” and must be without her son from time to time

Since a few days the situation between Carlos Calderón and Vanessa Lyon has been getting worse with the passing of the hours. This Saturday she published a video in the stories of her personal Instagram account where she is quite affected by everything she is experiencing. Also, she looks like she’s swollen from crying.

The actress in the midst of tears looks very sad to reveal that you must be without your child every 48 hoursie every two days. In addition, she moved her cell phone camera and several documents that she carries in her vehicle could be seen.

This Saturday she also shared a collage of photos of her, in a reflected room when she only had a relationship with Carlos for five days, where He also looked quite smiling. In turn, he highlighted the date on which the photograph was taken, since it was November 19, 2020.

The images have gone viral on social networks, because what is striking on this occasion is the last photo that reflects that it was taken yesterday in the morning. His physical appearance has surprised more than one because you can see the way in which the situation has ended up affecting him.

“Thanks to all the beautiful moms here and from different parts of the world who sent gifts for my baby, because they left us with nothing, these are difficult times and I have to start from scratch, but women are strong! And if God is with me, who can be against me?“He mentioned on his Instagram account.

Lyon has also taken advantage of social networks to thank the people who have collaborated with her by sending her things that her baby needs.

“Y soon a place to live with my baby and praying to God that they don’t put another case in court to try to take it away from me. For now they take it off every two days, and that brings my soul to pieces, “explained Lyon.

Calderón stated that out of respect for the mother of his son, he will keep everything low-key. However, he took the opportunity to highlight that the complaint against him about alleged domestic violence is a false accusation against him.

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