Vanessa Lyon was married when she got engaged and had a son with Carlos Calderón

Carlos Calderon and Vanessa Lyon – Photo: Mezcaliente / Mezcaliente

Vanessa Lyon was married when she got engaged and had a son with Carlos Calderón. This is confirmed by documents found in the Los Angeles family court.

The actress and the presenter of ‘Despierta América’ are leading a great controversy since their separation was made public. After ‘Chisme No Like’ revealed that there was a case of domestic violence in the Miami court from Calderón to Lyon, and they assured us that it was the other way around, we share an exhaustive investigation with you.

We show you the documents of Vanessa’s arrest for an alleged deprivation of liberty, assault, and giving incorrect information to the police. Charges that a month later were dismissed. We also share with you that the day after that complaint, Calderón filed a lawsuit for domestic violence in the Miami Family Court and a restraining order, both of which are still in force.

Secondly, this weekend we saw how Vanessa shared, and then erased, in her Instastories, the sadness that she felt when separating from her son, León, every 48 hours to leave him with his father. The precarious way in which she lived, and even an account to collect money to pay for her baby and legal expenses.

But now, there is a piece of new information in this story that seemed to give a perfect love and ended in a nightmare…

Let us remember that on May 7, 2021, Calderón surprised us by sharing that he had engaged to actress Vanessa Lyon months later when they announced that they were expecting a child who would be born in weeks, we found out that at that time of the marriage proposal, León was already on his way.

We didn’t know that Vanessa, who until then lived in Los Angeles, was married to the famous English guitarist, Marcus Nand, who lived in the same city as her.

We were able to access the Los Angeles court papers, and we discovered that five days after they announced their engagement, Nand filed for divorce from Vanessa whose process ended in January 2022.

Divorce suit from Marcus Nand to Vanessa Lyon, now ex of Carlos Calderón. Photo: Los Angeles Court

This could be one of the reasons why the relationship did not go beyond a commitment because she was still married when she lived with Calderón and León was born.

We tried to reach out to both of you to get a reaction on this. In Vanessa’s case, LaOpinion wrote an e-mail to her manager, Alejandra Palomera, who answered them:

That divorce agreement is old, and the ruling was simply delayed due to the pandemic. Everything was delayed in the courts, and in the meantime, each one continued with their lives“.

In the case of Calderón, so far, there has been no response. However, people close to his innermost circle assured us that the presenter of ‘Despierta América’ is in shock because, according to these people, he had no idea that Vanessa was married when he asked her to marry him and when León was born.

Let us remember that both must appear in court on August 10 to resolve the issue of domestic violence and León’s visits and support. While they would try to reach an agreement through a document that Calderón’s lawyer would have presented to Lyon.

Carlos Calderón sues the mother of his son for domestic violence
Carlos Calderón sues the mother of his son for domestic violence. Photo: Miami-Dade Family Court