VapoRub is recommended by Jorge Alcocer for Covid-19 in children

The application of the reinforcement of the vaccine against Covid-19 to teachers throughout the country will begin next Saturday with 2.7 million doses donated to Mexico by the company that makes the biological.

It stands out that it is the most effective and most expensive of the existing ones, while the position of the Secretary of Health (Ssa), Jorge Alcocer, is that minors can have the disease without a vaccine and with home remedies, such as infusions, application of VapoRub and in special cases taking paracetamol.

And it is that the head of Health, Jorge Alcocer mentioned: “It lasts two or three days for children, we mentioned it. It is only with teas, with paracetamol, a medicine that is very good for that and is not aggressive in other tissues; and, of course, the fluidity of the hot medium that is tea, what mothers use… ”.

“The VapoRub and all those things that seem to be inconsequential.”

VapoRub for kids and vaccine for teachers

The booster vaccine for teachers will begin in a first stage in 16 entities of the country and five days in the remaining half. The logistics and the call for the application of the vaccine will be in charge of the Secretary of Public Education (SEP).

It was at the morning conference of the National Palace, the head of Health explained that there will be cases in which it is necessary to prescribe an antibiotic and, if there is a suspicion supported by a doctor, carry out a test to identify the coronavirus.

He also explained that it is not necessary to know if it is the omicron variant that is infecting minors, although this does not cause a fever as strong as the previous forms of the virus nor does it cause as much discomfort in the throat, but is limited to one flu.

AMLO acquires booster vaccines

AMLO acquires booster vaccines

In the morning conference, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported that Mexico paid 160 million dollars to acquire through the Covax mechanism 50 million doses of reinforcements against covid-19 between January and July 2022.

Thus, while Jorge Alcocer recommends VapoRud, AMLO called on the population to have peace of mind because there will be vaccines for everyone and the omicron variant has proven to be more contagious but does not require hospitalization in most cases.

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