Vegetarian menu: 15 rich and nutritious ideas that won’t make you miss meat

Following a plant-based diet supports a long and healthy life. Not everything is reduced to salads, with fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals, nuts and seeds you can create incredible dishes loaded with flavor and nutrition. If you need inspiration in Comedera you can find 100 easy recipes for vegetarian food to enjoy a different dish every day.

15 of the delicious and easy vegetarian recipes

1. Zucchini spaghetti

If you are on a low carb diet, enjoy a plate of spaghetti made with zucchini that can be mixed with your favorite pasta sauces. You can also add other vegetables like mushrooms for a umami flavor and sprinkle with a little fortified nutritional yeast that adds more nutrients and cheese flavor.

Here the recipe.

2. Vegetarian lasagna

Spinach Lasagna
Photo: Daniele Sgura / Pexels

If you love Italian food, vegetarian lasagna is a delicious dish for which you don’t need meat. There is a harmony of flavor with pasta, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, zucchini, carrots and bell peppers.

Here the recipe.

3. Ratatouille

Photo: Petya Stoycheva / Pixabay

Ratatoulle is a classic recipe of French cuisine, although it is a simple country recipe, you can get a lot of flavor out of vegetables, among which tomatoes, peppers, aubergines and zucchini stand out. An exquisite garnish.

Here the recipe.

4. Aubergine schnitzel parmesan

neapolitan eggplant
Photo: Vinaygupta460 / Pixabay

Neapolitan aubergines are delicious. They are prepared with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese gratin. They have a great flavor and texture, crisp on the outside and smooth on the inside.

Here the recipe.

5. Baked lentil meatballs

Photo: Bernadette Wurzinger / Pixabay

Lentil meatballs can be the main dish or complement other dishes. They are exquisite and have an advantage, the mixture with which they are prepared can be assembled well in advance.

Here the recipe.

6. Rice to the planter

rice with vegetables
Photo: Shuterstock

Rice is a classic garnish that you can enrich its color, flavor, and nutrients by adding vegetables. For a healthy dish, replace refined white rice with brown rice.

Here the recipe.

7. Hummus

Hummus. Photo: Anna Pyshniuk / Pexels

Hummus is one of the most delicious and healthy sauces for your sandwiches. It is very versatile and quick and easy to prepare. Because of its protein, good fat and fiber content, hummus is a food that helps you feel full and full. Traditional hummus has six elements: chickpeas, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, salt, and tahini.

Here the recipe.

8. Curried lentils

Curry lentils
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Lentils are one of the quickest, versatile and nutritious legumes to cook (in addition to providing you with protein and fiber, they are rich in potassium). If you want to be inspired by Indian cuisine, how about making curried lentils.

Here the recipe.

9. Pasta with wok vegetables

wok spaghetti
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This is an easy Chinese recipe but loaded with delicious umami mushroom flavor. It is an abundant dish that can be very complete. If you don’t have a wok, you can use a large, deep skillet.

Here the recipe.

10. Vegetable paella

Vegetarian paella
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The vegetable paella has a simple preparation and you can prepare it with any vegetable available at home. The secret of its great flavor is in a good vegetable broth.

Here the recipe.

11. Green vegetables sauteed with tofu

Photo: Anjelie Khan / Pixabay

Tofu is a soy-based food that provides you with complete protein and that you can prepare in a variety of dishes. It has a texture similar to cheese and can be served very well with vegetables.

Here the recipe.

12. Chickpea burgers

Lentil Burger
Photo: Shutterstock

This recipe for chickpea burgers is as delicious as it is easy to make that you have ready in less than 45 minutes. You can prepare them with canned chickpeas.

Here the recipe.

13. Chickpea salad

Chickpea salad-sivanbn on Pixabay
Photo: Sivanbn / Pixabay

For those times when you have little time to cook and want a fresh meal, you can make a chickpea salad. Adding legumes to your green leaves makes you feel fuller since legumes are rich in fiber and also provide protein.

Here the recipe.

14. Cheese stuffed bananas

bananas with cheese
Photo: Shuterstock

Bananas are a favorite companion in various dishes in Latin cuisine. One way to cook them is battered and stuffed with cheese, this dish is known as “Yoyo”, it is a popular Venezuelan recipe.

Here the recipe.

15. Zucchini puree

Zucchini puree
Photo: Doris Jungo / Pixabay

Zucchini is one of the vegetables with which you can prepare alternative purees to mashed potatoes, you can also try pumpkin, cauliflower and carrots. In addition to adding versatility to your dishes, consider that potatoes are tasty, but they quickly raise blood glucose.

Here the recipe.

Many of the vegetable dishes listed are not only tasty and easy to prepare, they are also inexpensive.

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