Ventaneando and Venga la Alegría launch hints at changes in Tv Azteca

With the departure of the Content Director of aztec tvthe television station will present several changes, among them the possible departure of drivers, given this and the possibility that Pati Chapoy hold office, the drivers of ‘windowing‘ Y ‘come the joy‘ Strong hints have been sent on social networks.

In AmericanPost.News We have informed you that Sandra Smester announced her departure from TV Azteca last week, so since then possible candidates have been rumored to be Director of Content for Tv Azteca and the name of Pati Chapoy has come to light, due to her experience on television and his years on television.

The possible rise of the journalist has apparently generated concern among the cast of Tv Azteca, especially in the hosts of “Venga la Alegría”, who now monopolize the gossip of the show business, due to their comments on social networks.

Venga la Alegría launches against Pati Chapoy

There is talk about the possibility of Pati Chapoy becoming the Content Director of Tv Azteca. Changes in the programming of Tv Azteca are expected to be announced soon.

Given the rumors surrounding Pati Chapoy occupying the position of Sandra Smester, users on social networks have shown some hints that hosts of ‘Ventaneando’ and ‘Venga la Alegría’ have been released.

William Valdés made a comment on his Twitter account, which users have considered a hint: “Now is when they take off all the masks and show who they really are. ‘The Hunger Games’ officially begin,” he wrote.

Later, Roger Gonzalez, also a member of ‘Venga la Alegría’, spoke about the ‘leadership’ message that Pedro Sola, host of ‘Ventaneando’, did not hesitate to respond, mentioning Pati Chapoy.

“Having an executive position in a company does not make you a leader at all. Leader, it is a title that the people who work with you give you, it is a title that you have to earn it” said Roger González, to which Pedrito Sola replied:

“Pati Chapoy is an absolute leader, for several years she has been selected as one of the 300 most influential people in the country and for those of us who work under her order and protection it is a privilege. Just what you say.”

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New programs of TV Azteca 2022

Changes in the programming of Tv Azteca are expected to be announced soon.

Until now, it has not been confirmed who will occupy the important position in Tv Azteca, however this will bring changes in the programming, as well as possible new programs.

A few days ago, rumors began about the departure of the program “Al Extremo”, as the first change, however, it has not been confirmed.

Yes Pati Chapoy manages to occupy the position, ‘come the joy‘ would be one of the programs that could present changes the most, because there are rumors of a possible enmity between some drivers, as is the case with Flor Rubio.

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