Veracruz comedian ‘El Teco’ deceived and killed on his way to perform in Las Choapas

The person who hired him got him out of the car in which they were going to the event and killed him. "It was an assault," said his wife.

Agustín Champala Villalobos, better known by his stage name “El Teco,” was tricked when he was supposedly hired with his show to entertain a party in the municipality of Las Choapas in the south of Veracruz. The murder occurred last Friday when he was hired.

The well-known clown and comedian from Coatzacoalcos went to the work appointment near a well-known hotel in the J. Mario Rosado neighborhood, where he was taken with deception since he was told that the event would be a children’s party, so he invited his family to witness the show and get to know the world of entertainment to which he is dedicated.

el teco
“El Teco” was murdered on Friday. Photo: Twitter @soyluisgabriel1

On his way to the supposed children’s event, “El Teco” was accompanied by his wife Roxana and his two children, 13 and 9 years old. The person who hired him took them aboard a vehicle, but halfway there, he asked the driver to stop to get off the comedian and his family, “they were worthless,” said Roxana, quoted by La Silla Rota.

“The gentleman went with us in the car in the front, and we went to where the event was supposed to be; then we arrived at a point where the event was supposed to be and there he asked him to stop”.

el teco
The killer killed the comedian when he got him out of the car on his way to the show. Photo: Twitter @soyluisgabriel1

They ask not to tarnish the image of “El Teco.”

Roxana emphasized that the attack was an assault and not a direct attack against her husband, so she asked people not to tarnish the image of her partner since she said, he always worked honestly, said Champala Villalobos’ widow crying:

“It was not an armed commando, it was a person who wanted to rob us, because that gentleman after shooting him escaped and could no longer take the car, it was just one”.

“El Teco” lived with his wife and two children and was passionate about his party entertainer and comedian work. He even dreamed of taking his show to television to become famous nationally; however, last Friday, he was murdered after being shot five times with a firearm in front of his family, who witnessed the homicide.

“They killed my boy. They took my son from me,” said the anguished mother of “Teco” outside the funeral home where the brown coffin lay surrounded by flowers where family and friends of the comedian said their last goodbyes.