Vermont gives you $ 7,500 if you move to work there

Vermont gives you $ 7,500 if you move to work there
Vermont restaurants have been closed for a long time or have reduced opening hours due to a lack of workers.

If you want a job as a janitor, waiter, or nurse, you could go to Vermont, where are offering relocation bonuses of up to $ 7,500 for people who fill jobs that are in high demand.

The state had already given relocation bonuses since 2018, but now it wants to boost local businesses that are struggling to find workers, which is why some businesses have had to temporarily close.

As an example of this, in mid-August, the popular Stone’s Throw Pizza restaurant closed its Fairfax, Vermont location indefinitely.

In an Instagram post, the restaurant owners said that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to cut the workforce that the pizzeria had in half, operating with only 13 people, compared to 26 before.

“We care about the well-being of our staff, their sanity and the quality of the product they produce,” said the owners, who also invited job seekers to come and ask for it at their restaurant: “We are willing to train at any level of experience and pay (as always) well ”.

Other Vermont restaurants have also closed for a long time or reduced hours due to a lack of workers.. “We are desperately looking for help in the kitchen. Send us anyone who’s interested (in the job) ASAP! ”Church Street Tavern said in an Instagram post.

The hospitality sector is the one with the fewest workers. That is why the Vermont Department of Commerce is hiring people to fill some administrative positions. The reason for the staff shortage in this sector is that the people who worked here have now preferred to fill positions in retail stores.

Three years ago, Vermont was one of the first states to offer financial incentives for remote workers in an attempt to attract people who can work from anywhere. So far, nearly 300 new residents have moved into the state under that program., of which another round of financing is expected to be reopened in 2022.

However, some legislators have said that these programs are wasting funds from taxpayers who already live in the state, because they are taking money from people who come from outside.

For the new program, newcomers must be willing to fill jobs that are in greatest demand in the state.. These jobs are listed and range from cashiers and retail store workers to carpenters, construction workers, and accountants.

Employers in the state must attest that they tried and couldn’t find local workers, pay more than $ 13 an hour, and hire their workers directly.

Support money can be applied to moving expenses and to pay the deposit and rent for an apartment or house.

You can search for work on the program’s website.

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