Verónica Castro shared tender congratulations for Cristian Castro on his 47th birthday

Verónica Castro congratulated Cristian on his 47th birthday (Photo: File)

Veronica Castro was one of the first to wish a happy birthday to Cristian castro, your son. The actress shared a postcard on her social networks with “The happy cock”, who turned 47 years old.

I share my selfie to congratulate my Cris. May God bless you, love, “wrote the singer on her official Twitter account. The tweet received affectionate responses from his fans. Some of these even published photos of mother and son to celebrate Cristian.

The same postcard was published on Verónica Castro’s official Instagram space. In the picture, Veronica is seen with a look wearing his gray hair and Cristian Castro with his classic blonde tint. “I already want to celebrate. Happy Birthday love”, wrote the histrion.

Veronica Castro
This is how Verónica Castro congratulated her son, Cristian (Photo: Twitter / @ vrocastroficial)

Verónica constantly shares, on her Instagram account, part of the good relationship she has with her son. The actress has accompanied him in his concerts throughout Mexico and witnessed the tour Cristian Castro: Hits Tours and tributes to Juan Gabriel and José José.

Days before the birthday of the singer of Will not be able and It’s better that way, Verónica Castro requested help from her Twitter followers. The situation in question was locating current photos of Mikhail Zarathustra, Cristian’s son. “Mik is my birthday tomorrow, my beautiful grandson, and I don’t have current photos, can you help me?”the actress tweeted. His fans did not take long to respond to the request.

Cristian Castro has three children. The first two were born while the singer was married to Valeria Liberman between 2004 and 2009. Together with the actress of Argentine origin they raised Simone and Mikhail Zarathustra. The musician of the Castro dynasty acknowledged that he has not seen much of his children due to the pandemic, as reported by the magazine Who.

Veronica Castro
Verónica Castro requested help from her followers (Photo: Twitter screenshot / @ vrocastroficial)

Of a brief romance with the Colombian Paola Era was born Cristian’s third daughter, Rafaela. The little girl has shown, at her young age, to have the singer’s gene, as she has repeatedly made it clear that she has the ability to sing.

Days ago a photograph of Cristian Castro in a concert of the South Korean group BTS. Not only was their attendance surprised, but he said fanatic of pop musicians.

Castro attended SoFi Stadium in California to witness K-pop’s most popular group. The photo was shared on her Instagram account, where she happily posed while Kim seok-jin he sang to his audience. “BTS Army”, the Mexican singer wrote while on a postcard he made the heart sign popularized by the followers of the boyband.

“Cristian Castro, Mexican singer and actor was at the BTS concert in Los Angeles, the photo was uploaded to his Instagram. More Mexicans present, I love this “,” Cristian Castro at the boys’ concert, This is the most random what have i seen, by god“Were some comments from BTS fans on Twitter.

Cristian Castro in BTS concert Photo: Instagram / @ cristiancastropop
Cristian Castro in BTS concert Photo: Instagram / @ cristiancastropop

Recently, Cristian Castro received a special invitation to sing a special event at the Vatican. The Mexican was in charge of interpreting two musicalized poems of the Pope Francisco.

The unusual visit was given thanks to the Argentine writer and businessman Alejandro Roemmers, who selected Cristian Castro for the great event. He also composed the music and made the musical production of the poems.

“It has beautiful phrases that I think will move many people and everything in relation to the Virgin, God, Jesus Christ, the saints and I love being able to sing religiously. My mother is going to love it, my grandmother too, a lot of people who are liking that genre and I like to have this praise”, He commented in Windowing Cristian Castro days prior to his presentation at the Vatican.


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