Verónica Giraldo Navarro’s heartfelt message about her struggles as a new mother

Verónica Giraldo Navarro shared the hard moments she is going through after becoming a mother. Karol G's sister did not save anything and expressed that she does not feel well, even knowing that she is accompanied in this process and that she has everything at her disposal

Verónica Giraldo Navarro, the sister of Colombian singer Karol G, shared through her social networks a harsh message about a situation that has been affecting her since a few days ago when she gave birth to her first baby, Sophia.

Giraldo Navarro told through a video that she is going through a very deep sadness, that she does not know what is happening to her, and that despite having everything and being surrounded by people, she feels alone.

“Fortunately, since 8 days ago, everything has changed, everything, everything. I was super well. I was calm and happy, enjoying Sophia’s process and everything around me. Still, after I had Sophia, I don’t know what happened in my body, in my mind, in my heart… and every time I felt more and more alone, or I feel alone, knowing that I have everything, I don’t feel good, I don’t feel calm, in my mind many things happen even knowing that I have people around me”, began saying the sister of the interpreter of ‘Provenza.’

The Colombian assured that even though she knows that becoming a mother entails a process, she feels sad and uncomfortable with her new body. “I feel very sad, I see my body, and it is different. I know that everything is a process, and I know that everything is temporary, but I feel very sad because I would not want to hurt or hurt or hurt or cause so many things, but no matter how much you try to feel good, to feel accompanied, to say ‘come on, Vero, you can do it,’ it is as if it does not allow you…”, expressed Verónica Giraldo Navarro.

A few days ago, Karol G’s sister published a photo where the singer appears holding Sophia while she watches them. “Thanks to life because it has given me so much…Many moments were captured, but that stays in the heart…They are my reason for being…Sophia, @karolg, and @yegiraldo_. I love them with every part of my body, soul, and heart,” said Giraldo Navarro.

Likewise, a few hours ago, the woman who recently became a mother showed off a video of little Sophia, who was born without complications. There, her mother caresses her daughter’s hand without showing her face. “A true and beautiful love,” she said about it.