Version of “Mi Rebito Fiu fiu” on piano surprises diners at a restaurant

tiktok is responsible for making our lives a sea of ​​laughter, because there is undoubtedly a lot of talent on the social network, and this time the protagonist of the most viral video is a pianist, who was inspired by the success “My baby fiufiu” and he played a very original version, but the reaction of the public was what surprised him the most.

And it is that the little song, already has thousands of versions since its appearance, there is a mix between original music and some electronic music, among many others that tiktokers have made fashionable, and with so many reproductions, the lyrics of this peculiar We already know the song completely and it even goes around in our heads all day long.

In the clip, the young man can be seen in a very elegant black suit and in the background several tables in what appears to be an elegant and expensive restaurant, however the young man begins by saying that he received the sheet music for the most famous Tiktok song My baby fiu fiu.

Tiktok Mi Bebito Fiu Fiu on piano

The young man puts his skilled hands on the piano keyboard, and the melody begins, the diners turn around and recognize the tune of the song, minutes later, they begin to sing the lyrics and the most intrepid record the iconic moment.

Given the reaction of the audience, the artist begins to smile, because he did not expect them to sing the song. The video quickly reached more than 571 thousand likes and thousands of times more in sharesthere were also many comments, in which they applauded his enormous talent when playing the piano.

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Where did the song come from?

According to information collected by AmericanPost.Newsthe song is an adapted cover of the song “Stan” by Eminem and Dido, but the lyrics were created to underline the infidelity of the former president of Peru, Martin Alberto Vizcarrato whom the woman with whom he had an extramarital relationship, sent him some messages that qualify him as his “Baby Fiu fiu”, for which when it became public, everyone identified this character by the affectionate nicknamewhich later became a song.

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