Vicente Fernández and Patricia Rivera did have a son, says Lyn May

Vicente Fernandez supposedly did have a child out of wedlock during his love affair with the actress Patricia Rivera, as stated by the vedette Lyn May. The bioseries El último rey (The last king) resumed the alleged romance between Vicente and Patricia, despite the fact that the deceased charro denied it for many years.

However, Lyn May stated during an interview with Primera Mano that she witnessed the romance and the birth of Pablo Rodrigo Fernández, the son of Vicente and Patricia. The star assures that he is a legitimate son of the Charro de Huentitán, although the DNA tests say otherwise.

“Paty and I were very close friends. After me, (Vicente) left with Paty, we made movies with Paty (…) Paty did (had an affair with Vicente), I passed it on to Paty and Paty got pregnant and had a son with Vicente” Lyn May said.

Lyn May thinks they altered the DNA tests of Vicente Fernández’s son

Lyn stated that she saw the relationship between the singer and the actress/Photo: Infobae

When questioned by Gustavo Adolfo Infante about the DNA tests that would prove that Pablo Rodrigo is not the son of the Mexican regional singer, Lyn pointed out that they might not be real, based on what she witnessed..

The famous assures that she was present when Chente filled the boy with gifts and paid Patricia not to say more about their relationship. According to the dancer, Don Vicente would not have given Patricia 4 million dollars, but much more.

“It was Vicente who said that so his wife wouldn’t get angry, but the child is Vicente’s. I am a witness that so that Paty wouldn’t talk… A lot of horses (…) he gave him, I think, more, because he gave the boy one of horses… I went with them when Vicente gave them the horses to the baby and I would see how many things he would buy for her,” May said.

Lyn May also uncovered that Vicente Fernández supposedly knew from the beginning that Patricia Rivera’s son was his, however, he would have given another version to the public and his family, in order not to “offend” Doña Cuquita Abarca, the singer’s wife.

“He knew he was his son, what happens is that he did not want to offend his wife,” said the dancer.

What happened to Patricia Rivera, the alleged lover of Vicente Fernández?

Patricia left the show business and Fernandez together with her son/Photo: YouTube

Lyn commented that currently Patricia Rivera decided to live in a place where she can enjoy her fortune in peace although she stressed that she was not hiding.

“She had to go. She left, she did not hide because she lives elsewhere and I know where she is, but she is not hidden. She is living quietly with her money and her son, and her son is very handsome, he sings very beautifully, I love them very much,” she said.

According to the series El Último Rey, Patricia Rivera and Vicente Fernández met on the set of the movie El Arracadas, where they shared credits.

Despite the fact that she rejected him, he did everything possible to win her over, and they had Rodrígo Fernández together. Although years later, the young man would be rejected by the family of don Vicente for supposedly not carrying the same blood.