Vicente Fernández appears in Times Square in YouTube Music tribute

Vicente Fernandez It is an icon of ranchera music and a symbol of Mexico. The songs of El Charro de Huentitán are sung around the world and what better way to pay tribute to the singer than in the capital of the world – New York City.

YouTube Music paid tribute to Chente after his passing with posters in prominent places such as Times Square. The tribute also appears in downtown Los Angeles, as well as the Macarthur Causeway Bridge in Miami.

YouTube Music tribute to Vicente Fernández. / Photo: YouTube Music

After the sad news of Vicente’s departure was released, the public sought his music to remember him. Visits to YouTube had a considerable increase. During the 24-hour period of December 12, the deceased singer’s official channel reached 44.89 million views, an increase of more than 1,061% over the daily average of visits of the previous days.

On the weekly YouTube charts covering the period from December 10 to December 16, 2021, Vicente Fernández reached number 10 on the Global Top Artists chart. The late singer also appeared on various country charts, reaching # 1 in Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Nicaragua; # 2 in Ecuador, El Salvador and Honduras.

In the United States, Vicente Fernández appeared at # 3 on the Top Artists list and the only Spanish-language artist in the Top 8; Chente’s “Por Tu Maldito Amor” also made the Top Songs chart in the US In Mexico, 12 songs by Vicente Fernández appeared on the weekly Top Songs chart.

The most viewed videos of Vicente Fernández in the last 12 months:

• For Your Damn Love (62.2M views)
• A Mi Manera (Live) [Un Azteca en el Azteca] (55.6M views)
• These Jealousy (Live) (49.2M views)
• Aca Entre Nos (48.4M views)
• When I Wanted to Be Big (47.1M views)
• Divine Women (34.8M views)
• The Orders (33.8M views)
• Que Te Vaya Bonito (30.6M views)
• A Million Springs (30.3M views)
• The Difference (Live) (29.1M views)

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