Vicente Fernández family drug trafficking ties with Nacho Coronel

  • They accuse Vicente Fernández’s family of having alleged links with drug trafficking, specifically with ‘Nacho’ Coronel
  • They present the book ‘The Last King’ by the writer Olga Wornat
  • It is an unauthorized biography that talks about the life of the ‘Charro de Huentitán’ dynasty

In the midst of the terrible situation that Vicente Fernández’s family is going through, due to the state of health in which ‘El Charro de Huentitán’ is, now there are accusations that his entire ‘clan’ or ‘dynasty’ are supposedly linked to drug trafficking, specifically with ‘Nacho’ Coronel, according to information published by the SDP Noticias portal, based on the publication of the book ‘El Último Rey’, by the writer Olga Wornat, which reveals many ‘murky’ things about the members.

The revelation of these details in the book ‘El Último Rey’ occurs in the middle of the hospitalization of the Mexican singer, who has already been bedridden for months due to a fall and although his health was improving, he had a relapse a few days ago that They returned to intensive care, so his family continues to wait for that ‘miracle’ so that he can return home as soon as possible. However, it has not yet reached them and they have already been ‘beaten’ by a blow that leaves them practically ‘knocked out’.


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And it is that the writer of the book ‘El Último Rey’, although she does not have the authorization of the artist, perhaps took advantage of the delicate situation and that the eyes of the show are focused on the recovery of the idol of Mexico, to capture the attention and that His book had the spotlight, but in what way, because with this it is going to unleash a scandal and the family will very surely have to come out to deny it, as they are very delicate accusations.

In an interview for the program Chisme No Like, for YouTube, the writer of the book ‘El Último Rey’ explained each of her points so that there would be no doubt, however, she said that she does not have the testimonies to ensure the alleged links of the family with drug trafficking, it does have the sources of the relationships of some of its members with well-known bosses in Mexico.


The last king
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The writer of the book ‘El Último Rey’ gives information on alleged conflicts between family members, however, what most attracted attention was the discovery of alleged “dark things” that she found in the relationships that some of her members have. and without ‘hairs on the tongue’, he accused one of them of having links with organized crime, however, he reiterated not having the testimonies, but the sources of what he maintains.

In her interview, the writer revealed that when writing her work, she felt as if she were in the series ‘Dallas’, a story based on a very powerful family, but immersed in some illicit businesses and explained it this way: “In the middle of that , I felt as if I was getting, curiously and making the parallel, with the series ‘Dinastía’ or ‘Dallas’ paradoxically “. Filed Under: Vicente Fernández Family Drug Trafficking


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Then he explains in the book ‘El Último Rey’ why he felt like in the series and in a textual way he said: “Because when Vicente builds the ranch ‘3 Porrillos’ he is inspired by ‘Dallas’, which was a story of evildoers, of perverse, psychopathic ”, he added. He also narrated that it was “a puzzle” to enter its complicated history and “discover the lights and shadows of a dynasty”, one of the richest in the country.

And to his story he added: “Of a man who reached the highest he can reach, popular, who reached the peak of his career, but who behind him has a complex relationship with Alejandro, but who also had a difficult life, with many stumbles ”, he narrated during the interview for Gossip No Like by conductor Javier Ceriani. Filed Under: Vicente Fernández Family Drug Trafficking


Vicente Fernández family drug trafficking
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It was then that in the book ‘El Último Rey’ ‘he uncovered’ the family member who supposedly has ties with the drug trafficker, specifically with ‘Nacho’ Coronel. Without further detours or delaying the matter, he indicates that supposedly: “I discover Vicente Fernández’s son and that is where the whole knot of history is untied, which is going to surprise a lot”, referring to the second male child of ‘Charro de Huentitán’ from name Gerardo.

And she accused him of something else, according to her, supposedly this son was able to steal from his own father and says that he is very dangerous: “He was able to rob Juan Gabriel, he lied to the father and he is the one who is going to keep the entire empire that Vicente Fernández leaves because he is the one that handles the money of that great dynasty ”, declared the writer. To see the video click here. Filed Under: Vicente Fernández Family Drug Trafficking

Vicente Fernández Drug Trafficking Family: WHAT DARK THINGS HAS VICENTE FERNÁNDEZ’S SON DONE?

The last king
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It was at this moment of the interview that the writer of the book ‘The Last King’, Olga Wornat ‘spilled all the soup’ of the supposed truth of the member of the dynasty who was involved in the scandal: “Gerardo is the middle son, that he is ambitious, he has shady relationships, he was able to rob his father, his brother, because he handled the money from the palenques ”.

And about her alleged accusations, the writer Olga Wornat added information and specifically pointed out with whom the son of ‘Charro de Huentitán’ is linked: “Dark relationships, relationships with characters, I don’t tell you to have the testimonies, but the sources of Gerardo’s relationships with Nacho Coronel, for example ”, which sparked endless comments from internet users.

Vicente Fernández drug trafficking family: WHAT DO PEOPLE THINK ABOUT THE ACCUSATIONS?

Olga wornat
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It was then that people began to comment on the alleged family ties with the drug trafficker ‘Nacho’ colonel, specifically the son Gerardo: “What they are giving is a life lesson. You cannot idolize or believe in anyone. But most importantly, there is nothing hidden under the sun. ”,“ Doña Cuca put up with everything for convenience, for not working and getting ahead without a (man) who always cheated on her ”.

“Wow, it’s true what they say that 2022 is coming strong for the rich and corrupt. The Kardashians also fall “,” now they left me in shock, I like their investigations, congratulations Elisa, Ceriani and all their team “,” Olga wornat is a very good researcher “,” everything is paid in this life “,” enough is enough of so much silence and impunity ”, were other expressions of the people.

Vicente Fernández Drug Trafficking Family: ARE PEOPLE HAPPY FOR THE WRITER’S ‘TRUTH’?

Vicente Fernández family drug trafficking
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But not everything stopped there, as people continued to insist on the accusations of alleged family leagues with the narco Nacho Coronel, at least one of its members: “Tomorrow I will not miss that interview, it will be interesting, I will look for the book ha! Sounds interesting. Thank you brave friends, keep going. Congratulations for speaking the truth ”,“ the people of Mexico, so much dirt in the society of Rich and famous sparkling wines ”.

“All the idols, singers and actresses are falling one by one”, it may not be that Gerardo also kidnapped him the first time, as he likes wool, it could have been a self-kidnapping “,” what a fichita is that Gerardo Fernández “,” that’s why do not idolize do not cover your favorite singer Mexico and the great change to sweep the dirt and not return, “commented more Internet users.

Vicente Fernández drug trafficking family: HAVE YOU ALREADY FORGOTTEN DEL ‘CHARRO DE HUENTITÁN’?

Nacho Coronel

In the midst of Vicente Fernández’s relapse due to pneumonia, “El Potrillo” takes things easy and enjoys, together with his girlfriend, Karla Laveaga, their stay at their farm in Punta Mita, Puerto Vallarta, where they received to Bárbara de Regil and her family. As a good host, the son of the “Charro de Huentitán” took his guests to different tourist spots on the Jalisco coast, in addition to sharing delicious seafood feasts with them.

Karla Laveaga, partner of Fernández and Bárbara de Regil, shared yesterday on their respective social networks, images and videos of their fun experiences, where they are accompanied by other friends of the singer from Guadalajara. “One day in Vallarta, creating memories and grateful for life,” De Regil wrote at the bottom of one of the photos she posted on her IG account.

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