Vicente Fernández Jr.’s girlfriend shows off her sensual figure on a beach in Mexico

While her father-in-law is hospitalized, Mariana González Padilla is enjoying a vacation.

While Vicente Fernández Jr. is concerned about the health status of his father, Don Vicente Fernández, who has been admitted to a hospital in Mexico for almost a month fighting for his life, his girlfriend, Mariana González Padilla, enjoys a well-deserved vacation with her family.

The controversial “Mexican Kim Kardashian” has surprised her followers by sharing countless stories on Instagram where she can be seen next to her relatives on one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, Cancun.

As expected, drinks, food and bikinis could not be missing from the adventurous trip.

Along with a group of friends, the socialite from Guadalajara, Jalisco, shared a toast to all those who see life from another perspective, she also showed exotic animals such as pink flamingos that are a true beauty of the place.

During this trip, in which she could not be accompanied by her inseparable Vicente Fernández Jr., the “Mexican Kim Kardashian” showed him some details from a distance, tagging El Potrillo in an image of a heart sculpture.

The regional Mexican singer thanked her by replicating to story on her social profile and dedicating an “I love you” to her.

Mariana González’s vacation was immediately taken by several users of social networks as a foolish decision due to the difficult time her father-in-law is going through, as well as the entire Fernández family doing rounds at the hospital.

However, Mariana has not stopped sharing how well she is doing away from problems, after a long time. She has even been seen in those tiny swimsuits that consumed the imagination of more than one follower.

This is not the first time that Vicente Fernández Jr.’s girlfriend has caused a stir among her followers by being very sensual in difficult moments.

It should be remembered that when her fiancé “was missing”, Mariana spent her time sharing images in bikinis, which undoubtedly generated endless criticism for not knowing how to handle the moment properly.

Despite everything, there has been no shortage of people who encouraged her to put aside the criticism and continue living her life to the fullest. Incidentally, she continues to share those heart-attack images.

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