Vicente Fernández reveal the truth of what happened

  • Disturbing details emerge about the current situation of Vicente Fernández
  • Vieira Vidente reveals the truth of what happened to the singer
  • The psychic assures that the family has already said goodbye to him

“He is no longer with us.” Just over two months after Vicente Fernández was hospitalized after he suffered a fall at his Los Tres Potrillos ranch, Vieira Vidente reveals the truth of what happened to the singer and it is overwhelming.

In a video that is available on her official YouTube channel, the psychic did not beat around the bush and said that the El Charro de Huentitán family already said goodbye to him, in addition to sharing what will happen now that all this is made known .

Has Vicente Fernández already died?

Has Vicente Fernández already died?
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Before beginning with his reading of letters, Vieira Vidente clarified that he does all this with great respect, on this occasion, for the relatives and followers of Vicente Fernández, taking into account the difficult times they have lived in recent weeks.

“The letters, my angels and my ancestors are telling me that, in all these years, the sun has always been in front of it, but at the same time, here is someone who says goodbye with the baton in hand, someone who is leaving , that we are leaving ”.

What does Vieira Vidente say about Vicente Fernández?

What does Vieira Vidente say about Vicente Fernández?
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The psychic shared that the singer had not felt well lately, if it was not for one thing, it was for another, and at this point, the letters indicate to two people that they love each other and that they have lasted a long time, referring to Vicente Fernández and his wife, Doña Cuquita.

“Here I am getting a person and a betrayal, and what I am looking at is that there is a ‘locked cat’, here I get the tower, the collapse, which means that it is not all that is being speculated, that it is not everything they have said and not what they are saying ”.

“Here are secrets that have not been told”

"Here are secrets that have not been told"
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Before continuing with another reading of letters, the psychic assured that, regarding Vicente Fernández’s health, there are secrets that they have not told: “He is not with us, confirmed by the last print, the last line, Mr. Vicente Fernández and here is death ”.

“I understand that there is a miracle, faith moves mountains, but we are not going to fool ourselves, I confirm it: our dear Chente is not with us, I am sensing that the machine (the respirator) is doing the work for him.”

Bad news for Vicente Fernández’s family

Bad news for Vicente Fernández's family
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On the verge of shedding some tears, Vieira Vidente shared that when Vicente Fernández is disconnected from the respirator, he will die: “A person who is leaving, our dear Cuquita leaving, letting him go because he is not with us.”

“We are not going to fool ourselves, on August 10 I said it, that I had a feeling that he was not there, and that if he left this, he would look very bad and now my letters confirm it again. From one moment to the next, they are going to say that they took away the machine and that sadly it left us ”.

“Justice will be done”

"Justice will be done"
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Other letters indicate to the psychic that justice will finally be done to the singer, since his relatives will come out to tell the whole truth, although they will not reveal that Vicente Fernández was no longer alive for two months since he was hospitalized.

“These three letters tell me that a dispute is coming after they say that he is gone, 2022 and 2023 will be very difficult years for the Fernández family, the children arguing, but the one who has the baton in hand is Mrs. Cuquita” .

Vicente Fernández Jr would not be ‘the chosen one’

Vicente Fernández Jr would not be 'the chosen one'
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As if that were not enough, Vieira Seer said that. When Mrs. Cuquita dies, Vicente Fernández Jr would not be the person chosen to continue with the family legacy: “I feel and see that Mrs. Cuquita is going to give command to the other two children (Gerardo and Alejandro).”

“A woman is going to come out who is going to give a lot to talk about strongly, a person who says that being a relative of the Fernándezes, as with the devil in, is going to speak many things and is going to want to enter the family,” commented the recognized psychic.

“Deaths always come three at a time”

"Deaths always come in threes"
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About to finish with his reading of letters, where he revealed that Vicente Fernández “is no longer with us”, Vieira Vidente commented that deaths always come three at a time and that he sees Doña Cuquita ‘pass to a better life’ at the latest in 2026.

“By 2026, they are going to say that they had the loss of Mrs. Cuquita, I see that this year the woman will no longer be with us, in scoop, I am talking about 26 ′ down. She is going to have so much pain with the loss of Chente that she is going to neglect herself, she is not going to hold out for long. “

“Hopefully I’m wrong,” says Vieira Vidente about his revelation of Vicente Fernández

"Hopefully I
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Finally, the psychic accepted that this has been one of the most difficult videos she has made and hopes to make a mistake with her revelation and for a miracle to happen: “I ask each of you for a chain of prayer again so that I am wrong and Say they disconnected him from the machine, he is very well and is at home, hopefully that is the case ”.

“I don’t mind having been wrong as long as Mr. (Vicente Fernández) is at the top, but we have to be strong. The dead are not mistaken, here there is a locked cat, many secrets that have not been told and have not come to light, that out of respect for the family, the doctors have not wanted to tell them ”.

“The departure of a loved one is always sad”

"The departure of a loved one is always sad"
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Immediately, followers of the renowned psychic reacted to this tremendous revelation: “The departure of a loved one is always sad … But it is a small path that we are all going to travel and we all have a life cycle … and if it is your time, may God do so. receive ”.

“I imagined the same with Vicente since they began to say serious, but stable, and from there they did not leave. Poor, it is not that one wants to let him go, but when one suffers like this, it is better to let him rest, although it hurts many of us, he will always live in our hearts ”.

“The birds of prey always stalking”

"The birds of prey always stalking"
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For his part, one person expressed himself as follows: “No one is eternal. And of course… the birds of prey are always lurking “, while someone else commented:” It is sad to lose a loved one because it leaves us a big void,
such a good singer, how sad ”.

“That is not quality of life. To have a person with machines, they have that being suffering and their family as well ”,“ May God give comfort to his whole family ”,“ Let us pray for Don Vicente Fernández, if God decides that it is the best, that his will be done and not ours ”, you can read in more comments (TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).