Vicente Fernández: Who is Gerardo Fernández, his son linked to the drug trade?

The Fernández Dynasty is in strong controversy, after a writer will associate a member with the drug trafficker, in the case of Gerardo Fernández, the younger brother of Vicente Jr. and Alejandro El Potrillo.

It should be noted that your initial, along with that of your blood relatives, is at the entrance of the Los 3 Potrillos ranch, property that the interpreter of “La ley de monte” and “Mujeres divinas” has in Jalisco.

It is presumed that Gerardo Fernández is the least mediatic and has chosen to keep a low profile, dedicating himself mainly to the business world, far from the fame of his father Vicente Fernández and his brothers.

Who is Vicente Fernández’s son?

The Fernández brothers Gerardo Fernández

His greatest public exposure was in 2011, when he tried to run for a deputation of the coalition between the Institutional Revolutionary Party and the Green Ecologist, but the results did not favor him.

The charrería and the breeding of thoroughbred horses are things he shares with his father. Although they say that singing is also given to him, he was not interested in venturing into music.

He was born in May 1976 and, they point out, in the jaripeo he surpassed his father. Real estate is his thing and he has focused part of his professional career there.

During his father’s hospitalization, he has come continuously to see him, but he has rarely spoken to the press, which he tries to avoid, and leaves that work to his brother, Vicente Jr.

Gerardo Fernández and ties with the narco

Gerardo Fernandez

On one of his visits, he was besieged inside his car and expressed that there was nothing new to comment on daily and although he has kept a low profile, but this week the journalist Olga Wornat put him in the public eye by ensuring that Gerardo had ties to him. drug trafficking.

In his most recent book, “El ultimo rey”, which he presented at the Guadalajara Book Fair, he not only qualifies the youngest of the Fernández family as an ambitious man, with shady relationships and capable of stealing from his father, his brother and Juan Gabriel.

In addition, the copy of the editorial Planeta, affirms that it will keep the entire empire of Vicente Fernández, since he is the one who currently manages the singer’s money.

The journalist directly points out Gerardo Fernández to have a friendship with Ignacio “Nacho” Coronel, one of the lieutenants of the Sinaloa cartel at the time when Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán and Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada were leaders.

It should be noted that this book makes a controversial revelation, that Gerardo Fernández kidnapped his brother Vicente a few months ago, by forcibly interning him in a rehabilitation clinic, in a confusing episode, due to the inheritance of his father, the renowned singer Vicente Fernández.

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