Victor Masson, a 27-year-old Canadian, the latest victim of Oaxaca’s violence against tourists

The surge in violence against visitors in Oaxaca resulted in two deaths in a week. Perpetrators are still at large as investigations continue.

This Monday, May 15, the murder of a tourist identified as Victor Masson, 27 years old and of Canadian nationality, was reported in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca; specifically, the events occurred on Mar del Norte street in Arroyo Seco neighborhood, near a Catholic chapel in this tourist destination.

The victim was shot in the back while he was inside a vehicle, where according to the first versions issued by the paramedics of the Red Cross and Civil Protection of San Pedro Mixtepec arrived at the scene to provide first aid but were unable to do anything to save his life, as he was already without vital signs.

Canadian man shot to death.

After the facts, the State Agents of Investigation (AEI) went to the place to begin with, the corresponding diligences and to integrate an investigation folder for the crime of homicide and later to carry out the removal and transfer of the body to do the necropsy corresponding by law.

Currently, there is no further information about the presumed aggressors and culprits. Still, the personnel of the Vice Prosecutor’s Office of the Coast in Oaxaca began with the corresponding investigations to determine the facts and, in this way, to gather evidence of those responsible for the homicide.

According to police reports, the attackers fled in an unknown direction after having perpetrated the act; currently, the Prosecutor’s Office of Oaxaca reported that an investigation was initiated for this fact that would be the second attack in less than a week against foreign citizens.

Argentinean tourists attacked with a machete.

Another case of violence against a foreigner occurred last Friday, May 12, after the brutal murder of Benjamin Gamond, 23 years of age, who was originally from Cordoba, Argentina, and who died as a result of physical aggression by a man with a machete in Lagunas de Chacahua in Oaxaca.

The young man was also with his friend Santiago Lastra, 22 years old, and his girlfriend Macarena González, 29 years old, also from Argentina, who was also attacked with a machete.

After stopping to eat, the three young men were about to leave the place when they were attacked with machetes by Cruz Irving Martinez Flores, who went directly against Benjamin to take him by surprise from behind without giving him a chance to defend himself.