Victoria Beckham gives a photo to her fans of David Beckham sunning his butt

Victoria Beckham gives a photo to her fans of David Beckham sunning his butt

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham.

Photo: Chris Radburn / Getty Images

Victoria Beckham It has once again shown that it alone is enough and overflowing when it comes to properly promoting its clothing collections in the virtual sphere. Instead of resorting on this occasion to expensive advertising campaigns and professional models, the former Spice Girl has donned her new outfits and, camera in hand, has proudly displayed them to her followers while posing in front of a mirror in her home.

Although in the last two years her eponymous firm has presented notable economic losses, the former member of the historic women’s quintet has not lost an iota of her enthusiasm and motivation when it comes to her passion for fashion. Thus, Victoria has shown her fans an elegant red dress that, in her opinion, is “perfect for the summer” that is about to end, as well as a classic set consisting of a blue Oxford-type blouse and a long skirt that resembles a trench coat.

“Who does not like a beautiful cotton shirt now that we return to uniforms?” Victoria has asked her Instagram fans, who may not have yet recovered from the shocking gift the British gave them just a few days ago.

And it is that the artist did not hesitate to document one of her last afternoon days in the pool by portraying her husband David resting on the curb and wearing a tiny swimsuit that, in addition, left the magnificent buttocks of the ex-footballer in view. “Happy Sunday, you’re welcome! The photo is mine !! ”, he joked.

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