Victoria Beckham participated in a television program and was surprised by the appearance of her face

Victoria Beckham.

Photo: KARIM JAAFAR / AFP / Getty Images

Victoria Beckham He participated in a television program and his fans were concerned after seeing the aesthetic transformation of his face. Was something done? Did you go under the knife?

On Tuesday, Victoria was invited to Good Morning America (GMA) to promote a new makeup for her brand. For the occasion, the former singer decided to wear a very colorful outfit. David Beckham’s wife wowed in bright yellow baggy pants that were paired with a red blouse and a parrot green handbag.

Although the outfit was praised, her followers couldn’t help but comment on Victoria’s new look, who showed an apparent excess of botox on the lips.

Many users took to the Twitter post of the television show to show their concern. “She says she’s focused on beauty right now, but what is he doing to his own face? I don’t think that’s beauty! I’m not sure that someone who does that to their own face can speak of ‘beauty’”, Considered one user.

My God, her lip injection looks terrible. Why do women do this to themselves?”Replied another. For his part, a user considered: “I agree and she started talking about beauty. It seems that it comes from a laboratory, not from a natural and elegant aging ”.

Wow, You have to sue the plastic surgeon who did that to your face!“Or”My God, What happened to the mouth? Too much botox?”Were some of the comments the tweet received.

In turn, a fan of the Beckham family observed: “I love the Beckhams, but please don’t get any more lip fillers. It’s too much”.

A fan made a strong reflection: “Victoria Beckham at GMA is driving me crazy. He only moves his eyelids and lips when he speaks… it is so unnatural and annoying. Botox filler may work for photos, but it’s not good for real life. ” Meanwhile, another person replied: “I agree, his face looked strange. It has had quite a few fillers and botox. In fact, his lips look bigger and it seemed like he couldn’t speak properly. “

Can barely form words with that ‘tight’ mouth. Does not look good“Wrote one person, while another was more direct and wanted to know:” What the hell is happening to your lips?

Also, other Internet users instead of talking about Victoria’s physical appearance, decided to make fun of her clothing and compared her look with the clown Ronald McDonald.

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