Victoria Ruffo and Omar Fayad Reportedly End 22-Year Marriage

With their divorce, the twins Anuar and Victoria, children of Ruffo and Fayad, face the challenging choice of living arrangements post-separation.

On Wednesday night, renowned entertainment journalist Alex Kaffie reported in a YouTube video that actress Victoria Ruffo and former Governor of Hidalgo Omar Fayad have decided to end their 22-year marriage.

Although Kaffie did not reveal his sources, he stated he had confirmed the news that the couple is seeking a divorce after tying the knot in 2001. Kaffie noted this separation comes as a surprise, as Ruffo and Fayad have been viewed as one of the most stable couples in Mexican entertainment and politics over the last two decades.

The journalist did not disclose the reasons behind the alleged split. Ruffo, 60, and Fayad, 62, have not publicly commented on the rumor.

Boda Omar Fayad y Victoria Ruffo // Instagram
After giving love a chance, the couple celebrated their wedding in 2001

A Lavish Wedding Unites Them

Ruffo and Fayad married on March 9, 2001, in a lavish ceremony at the San Agustin church in the upscale Polanco neighborhood of Mexico City.

The wedding was a star-studded event, with guests including actresses Veronica Castro, Carmen Salinas, Fela Fabregas, producers Juan Osorio and Salvador Mejia, and politicians such as former Mexican President Felipe Calderón.

Ruffo wore a gown by famed designer Mitzy with a 50-meter train, while her husband serenaded his bride with “Hazme Olvidar Querido” by Juan Gabriel at the reception.

Twin Teenagers Face Difficult Decision

Ruffo and Fayad have 19-year-old twins together, Anuar and Victoria. According to Kaffie, their custody will not be disputed, given their age. However, teenagers face the difficult decision of choosing which parent to live with after the divorce.

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Ruffo also has a 29-year-old son, José Eduardo Derbez, from her previous marriage to comedian Eugenio Derbez. It is unknown whether the divorce proceedings involve complex negotiations about child support payments.

Couple’s Assets Could Be Divided

Another unclear aspect is how the couple’s assets will be divided. Kaffie noted that if Ruffo and Fayad married under a joint property regime, they would need to split their marital assets accumulated over more than two decades.

This could involve intense discussions, given Fayad’s past role as Governor and the couple’s luxurious properties. Ruffo also possesses significant wealth as one of Mexico’s most prominent telenovela actresses.

Omar Fayad // Instagram
Fayad served as governor of the state of Hidalgo for the period 2016-2022

Public Awaits Word From Ruffo and Fayad

While Kaffie stands by his sourcing on the alleged divorce, no statement from the couple has emerged yet. Fans await confirmation on social media or through an official press release.

Ruffo enjoys an enthusiastic following as a telenovela star, while Fayad made headlines through his political career. A divorce would certainly capture significant public interest in Mexico and throughout the Spanish-speaking entertainment world.

For now, the public continues speculating about what caused the reported collapse of a relationship that once seemed rock-solid. If Ruffo and Fayad stay silent in the coming days, pressure for them to address the rumors will only intensify.