Victory for the United States: MLS stars beat Liga MX on penalties

Victory for the United States: MLS stars beat Liga MX on penalties

Photo: Xavier Hernández / Imago7

The MLS stars they retaliated for their downfall in Tuesday’s skills challenge by taking the jackpot: the MLS All-Star Game. The set of figures made up of the Major League Soccer defeated the stars of Liga MX on penalties (1-1, 3-2).

The game started in a rough way because of the homophobic shout, which was present in the stands of the Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles.

After the stoppage, the game took time to pick up pace. After a few minutes of speculation, the Liga MX gave the first blow in the game with a goal at the height of an all-star game.

Jonathan “Cabecita” Rodríguez, after being the hero in the skills challenge giving Liga MX victory, he continued his superb form with a special touchdown.

It was a great goal. The figure of Cruz Azul received a center from Jorge Sánchez in the area: he lowered it to his chest, settled down and sent it to save with a low shot that goalkeeper Pedro Gallese could not stop.

The game was very even. Both teams enjoyed scoring opportunities and the draw was fair. And it was not long in coming.

In the second half, at minute 53 ′, the Colombian Jesus Murillo celebrated at home – plays for LAFC – thanks to a perfect preview after a corner kick

There were more than 10 changes per team: 16 by the MLS team and 15 by the Liga MX. All those summoned saw minutes except for Nahuel Guzmán, who was touched by the skills challenge.

After the tie the score did not move. The game was more orderly than expected, especially since it was an All-Star Game. And so much study between the teams led us to the penalty shoot-out to determine the winner of this innovative edition.

In the definition, MLS stars were more accurate: Damir Kreilach, Daniel Salloi and Ricardo Pepi were the scorers. On the part of the MX League Rubens Sambueza and Luis Romo scored.

A terrible charge by Rogelio Funes Mori opened the door to victory for MLS.

Then it was Erik Lira who charged even worse: his footing sent the ball far from the goal.

Liga MX failed for the third time in a row. Salvador Reyes, with a relatively predictable shot, ended up condemning the Mexican league.

Despite the failures of Eduard Atuesta and Nani by the MLS, fate was on Ricardo Pepi, who despite his 18 years had the courage and security to sentence the All-Star Game.

MLS beat Liga MX. And although the teams of both squads were made up of figures from many countries, on paper the victory is for the United States. It is a reality that the MLS is strengthened in the media after this event.

Will it count as a 3-0 this summer, considering the Concacaf Nations League and the Gold Cup? For many yes. The sports battles will continue.

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