Video: 14-year-old boy shoots Philadelphia pizzeria thief in the face

The footage shows the thief reaching over the cash register before being shot – Photo: Mark Makela / Getty Images

Surveillance video captured the moment when a 14-year-old boy pulled out a gun and shot a robber in the face while trying to steal cash from the his family’s pizzeria in Philadelphia.

The violent confrontation took place around 9:30 p.m. on December 9 at the restaurant named Bold Pizza on Spring Garden Street, where one of the three men, who had just robbed a nearby CVS pharmacy, broke into the pizzeria.

The images show the thief reaching over the cash register and fighting with the owner of the store, shortly before his son produced a gun and opened fire.

Later, police followed a blood trail that led them to another of the suspects, at a subway station about three blocks away, while the injured subject was taken to Jefferson Hospital, where he was reported in critical condition.

“There was money on the floor and there was also some broken glass inside the store, and there was also a lot of blood,” said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small.

Police are still searching for the suspect’s accomplices.

Another incident at a North Carolina pizzeria

Today it was reported that the owner of another pizzeria, but in North Carolina, was beaten when he tried to stop a fight between customers of the space located in Winston-Salem.

Security camera footage showed the brawl in which two rival groups clashed; several people walk towards the back of the restaurant to continue the confrontation

When the owner of the premises, Mike Scotto di Frego, tries to intervene to separate the parties, one of the bellicose strikes him several times on the head until he is knocked unconscious.

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