Video: 19-years-old teen stabbed at Staten Island ferry terminal by minors from a local gang

Ferry terminal in Staten Island, NYC – Photo: Andrés Correa Guatarasma / Courtesy

A 19-year-old teenager was stabbed in the stomach by a group of minors during a fight at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal yesterday morning, police sources said.

Four suspected assailants between the ages of 16 and 18 who were linked to a local gang were arrested on Tuesday after the 9 a.m. incident. A witness who works at the ferry station shared details with FNTV.

Charges against the detainees were pending. According to the New York Post, the injured teen was taken to Richmond University Medical Center in stable condition. It is unclear whether the victim knew his attacker or the reason for the dispute. The NYPD released no further details at this time.

Teenage victims and perpetrators are increasingly the protagonists in New York’s gun violence, compounded by impunity and lawlessness. The pandemic, anti-police climate, and penal reform have been identified as factors that have spiked crime in NYC, particularly shootings and knife attacks.

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A recent NYPD report found that recidivism among teens increased dramatically over the past five years. And it noted that the increase began before the pandemic when state assembly members passed controversial legislation in 2019 that raised the age of criminal prosecution for many crimes, including gun possession, to 18.

It’s very clear that we are failing our children,” Richard Aborn, chairman of the Citizens Crime Commission, who has helped craft police policy for several decades in New York, said last month.