VIDEO: A journalist was at the exact moment of the shooting between the police and Los Chapitos, and recorded everything

In a video published on social networks, he can be seen narrating part of the events while recording with his cell phone.

Photo: @efrenarguelles / Courtesy

The confrontation between Mexico City police and members of the Sinaloa Cartel It was news that drew a lot of attention, since a shooting of this type had not been recorded before in the vicinity of the Mexican capital.

And while some residents of the community of Topilejo recorded the deployment of the police and the tour of several helicopters, there was a journalist who witnessed everything, no less than from the scene of the events.

It’s about the communicator Efren Arguellesa reporter for Excelsior TV and Grupo Imagen, who was at the exact moment of the confrontation, for which he had to take cover behind a National Guard truck along with other elements of that corporation.

In a video published on social networks, he can be seen narrating part of the events while recording with his cell phone. “We have last minute information. There is a shootout at kilometer 28 of the Mexico-Cuernavaca federal highway, and the detonations can be heard in the background,” the journalist narrated.

Also, you can see the route of a helicopter from the Secretariat of Citizen Security, which provided support to the elements on the ground while the shooting was recorded.

In other images, the moment in which the agents surround the house in which the criminals barricaded themselves and the bursts of shots can be heard.

In addition, the reporter had the opportunity to reach the entrance of the home where several members of the Sinaloa Cartel were detained, and where a huge arsenal was seized from them.

A third video recorded by Efrén shows the vehicle of a family that was hit by bullets, so its crew members took shelter from the shots without knowing what was happening.

It should be noted that the operation was attended by around 150 police officers, dozens of patrols and three helicopters that flew over the area, as well as elements of the Mexican Army and the National Guard.

Although the criminals had in their possession several long weapons, grenades and even a .50-caliber Barrett rifle capable of piercing armor, they were subdued without any casualties.

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