Video: A stretcher is injured when helping a player

Video: A stretcher is injured when helping a player

Photo: Lars Baron / Getty Images

Not to believe. At Uruguayan amateur soccer, a stretcher was injured when I was going to assist a player who was lying on the grass.

Last week, when a match was played between Laureles and University of Salto, by OFI Cup, a footballer requested medical assistance from the grass.

The orderlies immediately ran to the place to attend the player. Nevertheless, one of them got injured when they were crossing the field.

This unusual event occurred in the city of Fray Bentos, on the court Liebig’s Park. Apparently the conditions of the pitch they weren’t the best.

The orderly who was injured, according to the Uruguayan media, is “Cocoita” Velázquez, a very popular person in football Fray Bentos.

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