Video about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s controversy with the Republicans and her boyfriend’s feet

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was criticized by Republicans after her trip to Florida.

Photo: Drew Angere / Getty Images

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York) charged that some Republicans are obsessed with her, as demonstrated over the weekend by a controversy where she was criticized for not wearing a mask in Florida and for her boyfriend’s feet!

“So we recently went to Florida where Republicans developed an obsession with Riley’s (Roberts) feet,” Ocasio-Cortez said in a video posted on Instagram.

While criticizing Republicans, the Democrat focused the camera on her boyfriend’s shoes, who laughed.

“So give people what they want!” Ocasio-Cortez yelled.

The video is a new response to comments from conservatives who criticized the representative for attending a party without face protection in Florida.

Her boyfriend was photographed wearing a pair of Birkenstocks in bare feet, prompting jokes from Republicans.

The controversy had already transpired on Twitter, where Ocasio-Cortez said that Republicans who criticize her really want “a date” with her.

“Republicans are angry that they can’t date me, but they direct their sexual frustration at my boyfriend’s feet,” said the rep. “Yeah, they’re awful weirdos.”

The response was direct to Steve Cortes, a Republican commentator, who criticized Ocasio-Cortez for visiting Florida, where there is no “freedom,” because there are no mask-wearing mandates, in addition to criticizing the sandals of the Democrat’s boyfriend and his “Pale feet”.

“Your boy is showing off his ugly pale feet in public (not at a pool or beach) in those hideous sandals,” she wrote.

Other Republicans and their allies, such as Fox News, took up the controversy and mocked AOC and her boyfriend.

Commentator Candace Owens called Ocasio-Cortez “spoiled, immature, and disgusting.”