VIDEO: Actress denounces alleged sexual harassment by the Son of Talina Fernández

Once again the family Talina Fernandez is in the midst of controversy, after the actress Danna Ponce denounced on her social networks the alleged sexual harassment of which she was a victim by Jorge “Coco” Levy, son of the “lady of good saying” and who is charge of one of the most important distributors of Mexican cinema.

The twenty-year-old published on her Instagram account a series of videos and photos in which she recounted her experience dealing with the son of the screen diva. She indicated that on February 3 of this year she had a first contact with “Coco” Levy, who is in charge of Videocine, and who had called her to visit him at her office, located in Coyoacán.

According to Ponce, the brother of the deceased Mariana Levy asked her not to close the door for ethics and so that everyone could see what they were doing. She indicated that she began to tell her that “she was a demon” and also to give her advice to stand out in the industry, which, according to her, she exemplified by approaching.

In the live video that he posted on his Instagram account, Danna Ponce indicated that for her second visit to the office she asked her to close the door now, something she said made her nervous. He said that Levy continued to insist with “advice”, now to win over the producers, and at one point in the conversation he unfastened his belt and lowered the zipper on his pants.

The alleged victim reported that after that “Coco” stood behind her seat and touched her chest area and kissed the corners of her mouth, however, She could not do anything, because she commented that she was stunned by the actions of Talina Fernández’s son: “That makes power paralyzes you,” she commented.

Danna commented that she made this complaint public through her social networks, to warn her fellow actresses about the actions of “Coco” Levy. “Because I am no longer afraid, I raise my voice. I speak for everyone who has been through an abusive situation. Help me share”placed in a first video in which he showed a conversation in which he wanted him to admit the abuse.

Until now, neither “Coco” Levy nor her mother Talina Fernández have spoken about the accusations made by Danna Ponce on his Instagram account where he has five thousand followers.

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