Video: AEK Athens fans join the Mexican wave with Orbelín Pineda’s celebration challenge

Join the #MaguitoChallenge! Orbelín Pineda's goal celebration dance goes viral in Greece, inspired by the Mexican jaripeo, and AEK Athens is inviting fans to join in the fun.

Orbelín Pineda continues to cause a stir in Greece, where he is a member of AEK Athens, and it was the team that invited fans to participate in a challenge alluding to the Mexican soccer player’s celebration every time he scores a goal. The Guerrero-born player has got everyone dancing in Greece, as evidenced by the social networks.

“El Maguito” has been characterized throughout his career for his dances when celebrating a goal, and his steps have caused a sensation in Greece. AEK made the call for this particular challenge through its Tik-Tok account and its Instagram stories, where the steps of the Aztec soccer player are shown.

Likewise, the former Cruz Azul player shared the content through his Instagram stories, where he also invited all the fans of the Greek team to join the new challenge set by the team, which the Mexican player inspires.

Orbelín Pineda’s celebration and dance have their origins in his native Coyuca de Catálan, where the jaripeo is very famous, and it is also known that his peculiar way of celebrating goals is a tribute to a rider named Chavita Silva.