VIDEO: Alfredo Adame will be sued for defamation on the whereabouts of Laura Bozzo

The host of “Exposing infidels”, Lizbeth Rodriguez, was upset after Alfredo Adame will point out her as an accomplice of Laura Bozzo and will ensure that the youtuber hides her at home. Given these statements by the actor, the youtuber assured that he could sue him for defamation.

The former presenter of “Hoy” has been very aware of the case of the former host of “Laura en América”, who was accused of tax crimes by the Attorney General’s Office (FGR). It is enough to remember that a few weeks ago Adame assured that it was he who accused the Peruvian woman with the authorities.

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Afterward, the actor lashed out at the former Badabun girl, Lizbeth Rodríguez, and assured that the young woman hides Laura Bozzo in her house. The influencer and the presenter have shown to have a good friendship, however, not so far Alfredo has not presented evidence of these accusations.

In statements for the Imagen Televisión program, “First hand”, the host of “Exposing Infidels” announced that The fight with the former candidate of the Progressive Social Networks party began when she refused to give him an interview.

“We know that there are always going to be moments for opportunists to want to take advantage and so on. At some point he invited me to do an interview, I asked for references from him and they gave me very bad references, so I said: ‘How am I going to collaborate with a person who has such a history of abuse and defamation?’ I preferred to stay out of it ‘‘.

Lizbeth assured that Alfredo Adame He has threatened her on social media and that he has told her that he wants to put her in jail. However, he assured that the actor only wants to attract attention.

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The internet star said that she is seriously considering suing him for defamation to give him a lesson after all the things he has said about her.

”He deserves it, he is a very manipulative person and sometimes you cannot get in and making enemies for free, there is an image that we have to take care of and where does he leave you when he puts you in that circumstance? He is slandering and slander is something very ugly, I think that I am going to put letters to the matter so that he can teach him a lesson ”.

Finally, Lizbeth Rodriguez He said he did not know the whereabouts of Laura bozzoHowever, he hopes that he will soon be able to fix his legal situation.