VIDEO: Alicia Machado talks about more and ventilates secrets of Danna Paola and Eleazar Gómez

VIDEO: Alicia Machado talks about more and ventilates secrets of Danna Paola and Eleazar Gómez

Apparently being friends with the former Miss Universe, Alicia machado, It is not a guarantee of discretion, and it is that he does not stop talking about more while he is part of the reality show “The house of the famous”, the Venezuelan aired several secrets about the relationship she had Danna Paola with Eleazar Gomez, during a talk with Tefi Valenzuela, who, in 2020, denounced the actor for equalized intrafamily violence.

The Venezuelan recalled during the reality show, how bad Danna Paola had it because of the way Eleazar behaved with her, while Valenzuela listened attentively and nodded at what Alicia said.

“It makes me grab it, because we all realized it. One day he finished it and in front of her he made out with others; and that little girl made a sea of ​​tears. He did it to hurt her, to annoy her “Alicia said angrily.

Ruthlessly, the former beauty queen called Eleazar Gómez “jerk and fool” for the way he treated the interpreter of “Oye Pablo”, who is only a few years younger than him.

“He screamed, he was late, he put up with a lot of nonsense. You had to mum a ball of pendejet # s who did not know how to speak and act, but they were the heartthrob of the moment “she added annoyed.

Finally, Alicia Machado commented that when she found out what Tefi went through, it was not something strange for her, because she knew the type of man Eleazar was. In addition to highlighting that Danna Paola is extremely talented and became a big star after her stormy love affair.


After his affectionate attitudes of Kimberly with Roberto, the actor tried to calm Machado: “No, no, Ali, no, no, not at all. I swear it was never that way, no. Well then, the blind man who grasped the elephant’s leg said it was fat and the one who grasped the trunk said it was trumpet. No, I wasn’t going that way “the actor said, referring to a gossip being created, as Kimberly is said to have stolen a kiss from him.

Alicia Machado was not completely sure that this was the case and told Roberto Roman that it was evident that Kimberly Flores wanted something more than friendship with him: “I know you are not, but the girl was like … she already realized that she was not, or that she already remembered that she is married, but she had forgotten”said the former beauty queen.

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